Battle Photography

Hi folks,

Usually I’d take to the field and have some fun wielding some foam, but my health is not so good at the moment, and not improving quickly enough to be likely good enough to fight at E1 this year.

What do you have to do to head onto the field as a photographer? I’ve seen people doing in the past, but tried to ignore them for immersion reasons.


Battle photography is an official position with PD, so you would need to take it up with them I believe.


You can read the rules on photography at Empire here:

The thing with Battle Phorography is to email PD and see if there’s a slot free.


thanks for the link. Hadn’t realised slots were very few. I’m happy to share my photos, but I’m a bit hit and miss with my shots - would hate to deny someone with more talent the chance to take better photos.

You don’t have to fight to go on the battlefield. Crew always need water carriers, and often human slaves, cultists, and various other victims so you can be a non-combat monster and still go and see what’s happening.

That might work instead perhaps?

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That’s a possibility too, would have to see how things go. I know we usually drag the water carriers miles around the wood with us, and if my breathing is bad that day, I’m not sure I’d be able to keep up.

Camp the respawn point, it’s generally a calm point where it is easy to get water, and involves less exercise.

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There’s a dedicated team of us who do battlefield photography, most of us are in fact crew members. At the moment, I don’t believe we are looking for anymore photographers - due to the intense nature and rules within battle photography - but contacting us using the email address on the photography page will give you a definite answer.