Battle physicks, show me your physreps!

Hi there, I’m looking for inspiration for battle physick kit, e.g. healer bandoliers, nice ways of physrepping herbs, especially if those methods include clever ways of keeping all your herbs separate. Have you made or bought something that looks great IC and also helps you handle the OOC logistics of herb cards and physick kit?

Currently I’m thinking of making coloured ‘petals’ out of scraps of fabric or card for each herb type then simply elastic banding them together with my herb cards. I might also invest in a bandage bandolier or similar…

I use a bandage bandoler but i’ve taken a couple out, filled with my herbs and a couple of potion bottles for the phys rep. I have a tool roll with flexicore saw, scalpels and hook. The scalpel has an orc kills to its name.
I have been thinking of way to organise herbs also. Currently they a split between my spare holes on the bandoler as vervain and mezzanine in one, a few of everything else in the other and my personal potions. I would love a leather pouch with dividers for my herbs.

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I bought a bunch of the metal-cap plastic vials from Ampulla and filled them with the contents of Sainsbury’s fruit tea bags. Which was cheap and meant I had fruit tea!

I used the spare vials as potion ones. They’re good as they are cheap, look reasonably IC and don’t shatter on a battlefield. I kept some in a belt pouch, some in my bag.

I hole-punched the cards with a rotary punch and tied them to my belt or bag strap for easy access and s they wouldn’t fall out.


There’s a good few answers to almost this question (including mine) at:


I’ve been working on mine recently; it’s not perfect, lots of things to add, but I think I am making a good start…

>See the gallery here<


That’s a great kit! I love the leeches. I wish I could carry something that comprehensive but I use a sword and shield as well so I need something that’ll stay on my belt.

I carry a sword and off-hand dagger (which I forgot to buy the skills for; naughty healer) in battle, so I need to work out how to carry it all. To be fair, my weapons ended up back in my belt most of the time simply because a) I needed both hands free to do healing and b) I wear no armour / have no extra hits, so I need to keep my 2hp backside away from the front.

Maybe I will leave the sword at home (good for swaggering around the League plaza, not so helpful in battle) and stick to healing.

A sword is a handy parrying stick for those awkward moments when you get flanked - as long as it’s easy to draw, anyway.


I keep my tools as basic as possible with a knapsack over my shoulder to carry my tool roll and a bandage bandoler on my chest with herbs in. I run about in Half plate, halberd, greatsword and longsword so an awesome Dr’s bag is not useful too me. It depends on how much fighting your planning on in battle. My group are all heavy frontline troops so i need to dress appropriately and keep up.

These haven’t hit the field yet 'cause I’ve just made them, but I have a set of herb pouches.

I had a difficult time finding the right cards out of the stack that I had, so I whipped these up. They have enough space for an amount of cards and also physreps! I’m gonna go either with little glass vials or drawstring bags with stuff in :slight_smile: