Battle spells?

Hey! So i’ve just taken the battle mage ability, but i’m confused… Where are all the battle spells? Shatter, weakness, etc? Do they come as part and parcel of the battle mage skill? My gut says probably not, i swear i’ve heard that you have to spend XP to get them. But Ive searched the wiki and cant figure out where they would be in the XP page.

Any hints from anyone?

Thanks :slight_smile:

They all come under the ‘Extra Spell’ skill here. Note you don’t actually need the Battlemage skill to cast offensive spells; Battlemage just lets you use staffs and mage armour.

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It’s also possible to get enchanted items that allow you access to various spells. Storm Sceptre, for example, allows you to cast REPEL as if you knew it.

But generally, yeah, it’s 1 xp per extra spell…

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Alternatively, there are rituals that let you know how to cast spell(s) for a season.

Is a good bet for a beginner.

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On the subject of rituals there are some that allow you to cast a mass version of a spell. For example you could paralysis a whole group of barbarians and feel like a really powerful mage however it is debatable whether or not these rituals are worth the crystal mana cost (which, if you didn’t know, is different to personal mana).