Battle test and Skirmishing

Last event I did all the training for the Battle Test but due to the quantity of new players I was actually tested before the Cadet Training Mission. The problem is the test is half way through the event and prior to it there is one big battle and a couple fun looking dkirmishes I really want to take part in. Do I have to do the test IC or is there anyway any PD members could do my test via the DM system or a phone call. Its a lokh time till the next event and I’d like an oppurtunity to both Monster and Experience a skirmish.

It does have to be done in person, if for no other reason than its going to include actual physical tests like can you pull your blows, etc. That said If you went straight to the academy at time in and explained this to them they might be able to give you the test at an earlier time.

Also, I think, if you’ve passed the test once then you don’t need to retake it every event…