Battlefield Command- What's Good, What's Bad and What's Terrible?

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Very recently I was turned onto the idea of skirmish leading and Lance command. It appeals a lot to my character and is something I am willing to put time and effort in developing. And so we begin the research!

My problem lies in experience and what makes a good line, Lance or Skirmish leader. I’ve had leadership roles before in another system, but never this big or this deadly.

Any stories you’d be willing to share of a time a leader did amazingly would be extremely validating and helpful.

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Hail and welcome maelstrom’s butterfly.

Untill me recent IC demise I was unofficial skirmish organiser and Captain for Navarr.

Unsurprisingly I have a lot to say on this subject. Sadly I’m almost done with my morning break so you’ll have to wait will later for the full version😉.

Tldr on the guide.

Talk to people about it ic. Your general’s, senators and fellow swivel eyed violence enthusiasts and find out who else is leading in your nation.

When you find them go talk to them to. Offer your to support them as herding 30+ larpers isnt a one person job. Become Thier second or body guard. Learn the ropes from them. Meet Thier counterpart in other nation’s. Build a network of contacts.

Read and make note of the conjunctions section in the wind’s of war. Bonus points if you can organise a print out. Let people know you have it so they know who to come to for information. Talk to the war scout. Learn from your foes.

Never stop learning

Talk to people. Don’t scream at them or loose your shit when things go wrong. Gather like minded individuals to you. Delegate. Every captain needs sergeants. Plan, train, give and take feedback.


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