++Battling at Empire++

Hi Folks - thanks to everyone involved in the spectacular battles we had at the last event. If you took the field at all then I hope you enjoyed them both.

Unfortunately, our numbers show that most nations did send a lot more players to play the battle than they did to monster the battle. We appreciate that a lot of new players may be unaware, but if you play one battle then you MUST make sure you monster the other battle. The full rules are here: Battles - Empire

These rules apply if you go through the Sentinel Gate for any reason - doesn’t matter if you’re a warrior, a healer, or anything else. If you’re on the field as your PC - then you need to volunteer to be on the other battlefield please!

Two nations were great - both Dawn and Highguard can pat themselves on the back that their numbers were roughly parity with as many people turning up to play as to monster. Thank you to everyone in those nations for following the rules and helping to make the game awesome for everyone.

The other eight nations… not so good…

Having low monster numbers makes it harder for us to run cool battles that are challenging and engaging for everyone. We’ve managed to build up our skirmish team to 80+ dedicated crew who take the field all weekend - but there’s no way that’s enough to run a battle! We need everyone who plays a battle to monster one.

So please make sure that everyone knows that if you play one - you have to monster one. The best way to make sure everyone follows the rules is for folks to remind their friends what the rules are. Last time we put a message out about this we had a big jump up in the numbers from everyone in the events that followed so we’ll let everyone know how well the nations are doing at the end of this year!

Please don’t reply naming someone you know who didn’t take the battle, as that’s also against our rules! If you want to report an instance of cheating - then email rules@profounddecisions.co.uk and we’ll have a quiet word with them. This post is not here to single any individual out - it’s to remind everyone of the rules and to ask everyone to remind their friends of the rules so that we can run awesome battles for everyone.

Matt P.