Beating the post LARP blues?

So I bet many of us are still recovering from E1, I’ve seen folks come down with all sorts of lurgies and also just feeling blue about being back from the field.

So what are your best methods for beating those post LARP blues?

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My buddy Ian is coming over tonight to record for our little podcast. Podcast or no it’s a great way to digest everything. Sitting down and talking through everything. Making plans for the next event. Getting a second opinion on what you think needs improving.


One of the good things I find to do is to divide the post-LARP “chores” into small batches - divide up the washing/washing up/tidying etc. so you can do it in small chunks without feeling overwhelmed. I also find having some easy dinner ideas prepped for when you get back is helpful when you just can’t be bothered to think/decide, and having something fairly lazy and funny (like Brooklyn 99) to bung on in the background while you do stuff is good.


So, I make a list of “stuff that I want to do/fix/make before next event” in the immediate days after the event while stuff is still fresh in my mind and I then put it aside somewhere and give myself a bit of headspace away from Empire for (at least) a few days.

In the first week post-event, I do my best to catch up on my sleep debt and do my chores in very small divided up tasks, and where possible - I push stuff that needs or deserves my full attention to later in the week.

I also love making new costume/props/writing letters between events, so while I won’t start making it yet, I have ordered fabric samples so I can start planning the next project!


Sometimes there’s nothing for it but to spend monday wandering through trees, finding a good stick, and learning to whittle.


The day after I get back I write up a table of wealth and resources that I’ll be starting with next time out, and fill out my agenda for things to persue at the next event.
Then a week later it’s on to IC mail. In the meantime any washing gets thrown in with the ordinary washing a bit at a time.

A couple of weeks after that inspiration normally strikes and I start writing new poetry or some sort of encyclical. In this case, I’m starting a book of insults.

I write a post with as many positive things as I can once I get off the field, so that when the drop comes I have evidence of what I did and reminders of the good memories.

I plan for cool things next event.

I keep in contact with close LRPing buddies.

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