Becoming a cicisbeo

Hi everyone
I’m fairly new to empire and would like to know about how to become a cicisbeo and any advice from those who are.

Keeping an eye on this mostly out of interest in the answer - I’m new to the League myself so can’t help much! - but if you’re on Facebook you might have more luck asking in the League group (

Well there are three ways from what I have seen:

  1. saying you are one and then going off to get clients (easier said than done)
  2. find your friendly Egragore who also happens to be one himself (yup you can pay for the pleasure of The Harlequins company) and I am sure I can direct you where to go/find punters. Send me a message and I can see why I can do :).
  3. there are a few existing guilds and players out there role playing this who you can find up on the league Facebook page & I am happy to direct you towards.



Very useful! I will remember it for when my character dies a horrible and hopefully traumatic death.

Why would anyone want to pay for the Harlequin 's company? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Have you not met Harlequin? :wink:
Although possibly he and Renata would have to make some kind of exchange rather than a payment…

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Every one has there kink right? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh I have definitely met the Harlequin. Hence why I asked. :wink:

(I love the Harlequin. He’s my favourite really <3)


He is everyones guilty pleasure :heart_eyes:

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Hi waves I’m Nat and I play Nessetta Constanta who is a cicisbeo. She’s actually Prince of the Casa di Dolcezza which is a guild with quite a few cicisbei so by all means spam me with messages or questions or anything, I love the cicisbeo game and would love to see more people in it and having fun and making trouble! So I’ve got a bit of advise, some of it might be helpful some of it might now, it’s stuff I’ve found and it might not apply to you. If there’s anything else specific you want to know or ask send me a message or prod me on facebook or anything like that.

So: Becoming a Cicisbeo.

  1. Have a think about the type of character you want to play and what you want to do on the field and see if being a cicisbeo can help you achieve that. As you’ll probably have read on the wiki cicisbei fulfil a massive number of roles, they’re confidants, they’re messengers, they’re bodyguards, they’re sex workers, they’re companions, they can be anything you make them, pick some, pick none, pick all, but pick stuff that you’ll enjoy and use that to sell your character (literally).
  2. Speaking of selling them, have a bit of a thought about prices, cos people will ask you, and I find it one of the most difficult things to peg. There are a couple of things to think about. firstly is how do you want to be paid, I personally tend to go for stuff like favours and secrets over money because the propagate more game, but again, it depends on what you want to be doing in the game. The other thing is to decide how much of the thing you’re charging you want, you can go for having a definite price list, or heavy negotiating or kinda hand wave over the whole thing. Again, it’s your fun and there is no right answer here.
  3. Clients, how to get em, etc. This one always seems kinda tricky, my best advice is to more or less shout that you’re a cicisbeo from the rooftops, when people ask what you do explain it, offer your services, people are generally interested. Also, if you have some lovely OC mates who are willing to sort something out with you then walking onto the field with a hire already can be a great swingboard. This isn’t at all necessary (arguably :wink: ) the most famous cicisbeo we’ve had so far strolled onto the field with no links and did fantastically.
  4. Other cicisbei, there are quite a few of us out there and can be super helpful, even if you’re not in the same guild, both OC and IC there’s a lot of information and stuff to be shared around. Speaking for myself at least (and I’m sure most the rest would say the same) we’d love to be able to help out new players and share game around and cause a bit of trouble together. The cicisbeo is such a lovely bit of the League brief and seeing more people get involved means it will shine more.

I think that’s everything I have off the top of my head, apologies for the sort of wall of text, hopefully there’s at least some helpful bits in there. And if there’s anything else just let me know. The most important thing for me to say is that playing a cicisbeo can be great fun and I’d love to see you guys have fun doing it so if there is anything at all I can do to help I’d be happy to.

Oh yeah, bonus 5) It’s pronounced ki-keh-bey-oh, say it at least 5 times before going on the field, speaking from experience on this one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


A thing I learnt today: hard K, not soft C. Thank you!