Becoming a Naga

When I first made my character I originally wanted to make a naga but at the time I had no kit to represent that and decided to go for a basic human, now I am building up a kit I was wondering can my character become a naga in game?

Short answer: yes, but not without a lot of effort or a spectacular mishap.

This season’s edition of the Looking Glass featured an interview with someone who’d gained Changeling lineage in play, which gives some suggestions, and my own character has been researching options since losing her lineage (… it’s a short story, but one better told in the field) so there are definitely ways and means.

In the short term if you have the resources and this is something that your character wishes to pursue in character you can look at the Night ritual: Twilight Masquerade to allow you to dabble in lineage.

There are some magical traumatic injuries that give you the option of becoming lineaged, but that’s usually briar.

You would probably need to impress an eternal of the realm of Night to get the option of a naga lineage in game.

Yes, and given that Transformation has a very strong resonance with the realm of Night so of all the Eternals they are probably the most likely to consider it.

So getting involved with the realm of night is my goal then, thanks for the advice. it gives me a few extra goals for E3

Eating a boggarts egg can turn you into a Naga. Getting one is a different matter, but I’ve seen it happen in play.

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Ask the Academy kids about boggarts, they deal with them more often than the adults.

That sounds like a good plan, now I just need an IC reason to become a naga

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There is generally at least one Eternal per realm that can turn you into the lineage associated with that realm as a boon. However, earning that boon is usually not so easy.


I started as human but became changeling when a Twilight Masquerade was cast on me during a conjunction of the Great Wyrm. It’s definitely possible but these events are rare.

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I’m another player whose character started out unlineaged and gained lineage in play, and can also speak to the “how do I find an IC reason”.

To start with, I was out-of-character wanting to have it happen accidentally as a thing that my character didn’t necessarily want, but that sort of thing is unlikely and also quite possibly random.

So eventually I basically put it in the character’s headspace as well as something to aim to do, and that worked out better and got the opportunity that she - and I - were looking for. :slight_smile: (In this particular case it was “talk to an Eternal about it”, as suggested above, rather than “get Twilight Masquerade and have it become permanent” during the event at which that was possible.)

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