Belle Tent

Hi there! I’m looking for a new belle tent currently, I have normally 2-4 players staying in it at once but would like it to be big enough to maybe host some other people in it. What size do people recommend?

You’re probably after a 5m.

My 4m sleeps 3 comfortably but max daytime group would be about 5 or 6.


My 4M sleeps me and 1 other with all larp kit comfortably anymore than that and its a bit tight, depends how much kit you carry, but I do also have a stove in there so that needs some room. I would look at an Emperor.

Tents generally equate “sleeps 2!” to “sleeps 1 LARPer and their kit.”

So for a 2-4 person tent, with hosting facilities, you’re going to want one that “sleeps up to 8!”

I am likely exagerrating, and don’t know how this works out with bell tents.

On the plus side, if you bring those friends, you’ll have the hands to put it up easily :slight_smile:


I’d recommend a 5m with an inner tent, then you can put all you ooc stuff in the inner section which takes up half the tent, and the other half as the IC area where you can host visitors.