Best moment of the year one

So what was your favorite or best moment of year one.

Going to Erkenbrand in the Tavern to discuss our plans for retaking Segura a few hours after Saturdays battle at E4, being told we (the nation) were beyond outstanding on the battlefield and that we’d reversed all the negative perceptions of the Brass Coast and then getting applauded by the Wintermark group present.

Win condition? Met.

Might have teared up a little.

Woo, go brass coast, mine would be dragging a nearly dead high guard general back though the portal not easy when im tiny and he was wearing full plate how ever did suffer a oc injury for it but was so worth it when that general found me later to say thanks and got me very drunk that night…

Safe to say im very chuffed with myself as I did not think I could drag someone in full plate by myself

The best moment of year one has to be the Festival. I really enjoyed that.

Other moments include the BC as a whole - getting to know each other, roleplaying with each other and generally having such a laugh together :smiley: Oh and trying to figure out which Egregore we have - dust, flame or glass. I’m only just learning to get that right!

Next year will be even better - we’ll be more organised (yeah ok, I may be pushing it!) and it’ll make everything so much more awesome.