Best paint for hands

Alright, so I’m planning to play a changeling and have the rest of my lineage bits planned out, but I have planned to have swirls on my hands, including my palms. I’ve been looking for advice on how to find a paint that is both opaque and wont come off. Does anyone have any good ones? I’m planning for them to be white, but I’m happy to change it if needs be

I don’t tend to do face/body paints, but my first thoughts are

Acrylic modelling paint (I know it’s fine on skin and doesn’t come off too easily)

Nail varnish (often waterproof, also in many nice colours)

Lipstick (effective, doesn’t sweat off, could all rub off, expensive)

I suspect that someone with a little more skill re body paint will be along shortly…

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First tip: gloves. Have some on hand for when the paint rubs off. Thin see through gloves is probably easier.

Acrylics are probably the best option but will screw up your skin.

I’ve yet to find a paint that isn’t acrylic that won’t run of (water based, makeups, liquid latex, have all been tried).

As I was writing this my housemate suggested alcohol based paints, and that was the next on my list to try…according to other resources it should work so yeah

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Anything done on the palm of your hands will come off very quickly, just for handling things and your natural skin oils. Even under skin tattoos don’t last, nothing you try for a weekend will stick more than a few hours.

As far as patterning options that work in a field and stick for the weekend if you do facebook, it’s probably worth trying here: Redirecting...

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For hands, the best thing I have used was hair chalk. Granted, I use it to make my hands completely blue, so I wasn’t doing any patterns with it, but it is something that doesn’t come off on anything I touch and does require quite a bit of washing with soap and water to get it off, so you can use it all weekend.

I wouldn’t put things on your palms personally; you’re going to want to touch so many other things, including other people and food that you really don’t want to get paint of any kind on, and it won’t be that visible. Also you will get people checking their hands for paint that’s rubbed off because they don’t know what you’re using. Back of hands is better.

Nail vanish on skin doesn’t look good, lipstick will absolutely come off first time you touch something and I’m always wary at putting things not designed for the human body on skin.

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Nyx metallic eyeliner is incredibly resilient on my skin - I need to properly scrub it with soap and warm water to get it off my hands. It also comes in a lot of shades. That particular brand may not work as well for you as body chemistry differs, but waterproof eyeliner would be my go-to for changeling swirls or cambion markings.

I really wouldn’t bother trying to put markings on your palms.


What’s the feasibility of getting the design on some transparent/fleshtoned latex or nitrile gloves? You could cut the fingers off so your hands don’t get too sweaty and you retain full dexterity in your fingers. If it’s a simple design you could paint up a few of them in advance so you can swap them if they get tatty, disposable gloves are pretty cheap for a box of 100.

The only thing i know of that would work well on palms is henna. Its durable, wont rub off and wont get on other things.
The downside is that it lasts quite a bit longer than a weekend (over a week), so be prepared to answer some question while you back in the real world :yum: .
Also, do a bit of research on which brands work best for you as well as instructions on how to apply it properly as well as how to care for your skin afterwords.

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Hello! Thank you all for your tips and tricks. I’m planning on my outfit to be semi full coverage so the only place I could think of having swirls would be on my hands lol. Granted, not a flawless plan in hindsight lol. Not sure where else I can slap some swirls lol.

Face. Neck. Wrists. Ears (if you can commission fancy prosthetics, there’s places that’ll do custom designs on their ears)

Not knowing where coverage is sitting, you also got lower limb bits.

Oh, and if throat/ top of chest is on display, there as well

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A changeling friend of mine uses tattoo pens for the swirls on his arms. It’s semi-permanent so shouldn’t sweat off. Downside is its semi-permanent so might be hard to get off after the event.

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Oh, and a note on this… when using face-paint etc, think about whether or not you’ll want suncream.

If you plaster it on over the top, will the paint smudge everywhere? If you don’t use it, will it be a problem?

I’ve heard of more than a few LARPers who go back to work on Monday with their tribal/racial markings sunburnt onto their faces for the week…


Could you tolerate wearing hosiery on your hands? If so, you can make hosiery gloves, and whilst wearing them, paint on the designs with acrylic paint, let them dry, then peel off. You’ll need to wash yourself afterwards, but once the paint’s dry, the painted gloves should do for future wearings. Carry with you a little bottle of clear matte nail varnish to halt any runs that might happen, so you can do on-the-spot repairs.

It’s a technique used by merrow and naga players.

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