Best Party Nation

Which Nations do you think are the friendliest? How about friendliest to new players? Most importantly, which Nation(s) hold the best night time festivities?

Unhelpful answer: all of them!

Honestly I don’t believe any one nation is less friendly than any of the others.

Party wise, the Brass Coast are an obvious choice, but again each nation has a reasonable amount of night life. Varushka have their giant communal hearth, the League has various bars, Navarr have their story circle, etc.

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Each brief has a sense of community built in, and each tends to celebrate that after dark. So it might be family, or a House, a Chapter, Hall or something else, but belonging is built into the game and usually means that you can find a way to have fun.

I’d agree that the Brass Coast has the most party atmosphere built into the brief, but it’s also one of the smaller nations.

What kind of thing are you looking for!

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Alas, as others have stated, it depends what you’re looking for!

The Navarri have better stories, the League have good bars, the Brass Coast are very friendly, but will likely charge…

If you want a defined party nation, you aren’t going to find it. All the nations have something, even if it’s a firepit with a stories and chat and bottles going round.

And there’s nothing to stop you wandering from camp to camp in search of a good party, it’s a popular course of action.

And of course, there’s also Senate Motions around midnight (ballroom dancing in the senate)…

As for friendliest, the Empire players are a lovely friendly bunch, whatever nation you join, and ESPECIALLY to new players.

Look at the amount of replies you’ve got to your queries here already :smiley:


I’d say all nations are friendly to new players- you might have a bigger impact more quickly in a smaller nation than a larger nation, but pretty much everyone welcomes new heroes. As for partying, every nation has its things, these are some of my favourite Anvil nightspots/events:

-The League: Temeschbar, Uncle Regretzio’s Drinks Cabinet of Regret, Festival of the Reaper at e1
-Marches: The Mandowla Arms pub
-Navarr: Song and Story Time, The Twisted Tree bar
-Dawn: Wise Guise bar
-Urizen: The Hammer bar, late night (by invitation) in Phoenix Reach


Wintermark and Navarr have the most new players join. This means you will have a lot in common with people and the nation will be used to having new people. The imperial orcs are probably least new player friendly, not because they aren’t nice people but they just have a slightly higher standard then everyone else.

With the brass coast, they have the best party night but it only comes once a year and there is a lot of debate (most of the against is from other nations) about whether or not it is heretical etc. If you want I can tell you more about.

You will find it can get quite expensive being in the brass coast unless you find a family quickly and even then, interreacting with the other families will cost you. That is the thing about the Brass Coast, on the surface it seems all colours and fun but you quickly see that everything has a price and that you are probably going to have no money to spend on anything by the end of it. Unless you are good a finance then the brass coast may not be the best nation for a new player as you are likely to go broke. This doesn’t have to be a problem if that is how you want to play your character.

There may be crippling debt but there is also a rowdy priest with rude songs and there is a specific campfire that you can go to if you want to hear typical brass coast songs which are about adventure, the hearth magic and mocking the all of the nations.

Another good place for music is Navarr. They have a big fire and their bards will sing. When I went there were only a few stories and not many other people wanted to share. It is a little bit more peaceful than the brass coast but more of the nation participates in it, so there is more of a chance of a large party.

The league is good for all kinds of performance. They have a theatre but I think it is only open on specially occasions. I think you also have to pay to get in. I feel that the performance is done more in the RP then in music and dancing and things like that, however the League or always keen on an adventure.

Dawn is all about glory. If you can convince enough people that there is glory in partying, then they will go for it with a passion but I think Dawn do like their combat so glory through that takes a precedence.

It depends on what you consider a party. People have done pub crawls all across anvil, not caring which nation they end up in. If alcohol is what you want then that can be fairly easily arranged. If you want lots of dancing and music then if you find the right place, you can initiate it but it is easier if you can just find it.

I personally suggest you go for the nation that fits the kind of thing you want the most and then if there isn’t a party there, make a party or go and find somewhere that seems to be good.

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just out of curiosity if i may, how is the party atmosphere in Urizen?

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Well they are supposed to be fairly logical and not really about that kind of thing but I was talking to some of the mages (magicians? one day I will know which one it is is) who were saying that apparently they enjoy using curses and things like that as small pranks.

I would think that if this were true then you might be able to start a party or two with some arcane projections that do something entertaining.

There is drinking all over anvil in all nations because apparently alcohol is good. Find the right people and give a bit encouragement and I’m sure you can get a party going.

Other than that, I don’t know.

Varushka has the best stories, but the Varushkans have heard them all, and no-one else ever wants to hear more than one…


Urizen parties hard and with Arete! Phoenix Reach tends to be the late night social center of Urizen, with music and drinking until the small hours, gin and wine tend to flow in abundance and there are both Urizen and other nation’s bards present. There’s no social pressure or excessive drinking culture but all Urizen and invited friends from other nations are welcome. It’s characteristic of Urizen socialising that it tends to take place ‘behind closed doors’ as it were. There is also The Hammer bar (paying IC money) run by Endsmeet spire, which is usually open fairly late and attracts a crowd from various nations, you get some great debates and large spirit measures there. A common Urizen night out in Anvil is to go on a ‘cultural learning’ expedition round the various other nation’s bars and events, then back to the Hammer and then Phoenix Reach when the music starts. You sometimes encounter a misconception amongst other nations that Urizen don’t have parties or drinking, I quote the Captain of the Throneguard after a night in Phoenix Reach with the Imperatrix ‘When you said we were going to visit Urizen I thought it’d be awful, but it’s really good!’


I was scrollin down on my way to make just this objection. Navarr may have more storytelling over the course of the night, but one story across the Varushkan hearth will do you well.

What people forget about Urizen is that Poise does not mean repressing emotions, it means controlling your emotions and utilising them correctly at the right time. Couple this with the Urizen belief in Arete, that what you do you should do well and you can see that when we want to we can laugh to make the earth tremble, tell innuendo’s to make even a marcher blush and drink any other nation under the table.

How does Urizen party?
The Same way we do everything else, Deliberately and with Great Skill.


How do the League Party?
For the Carta’s: Flamboyantly, measured, showing the value of our profit with the quality of our fair.
The Free Companies? Like tomorrow we may not be alive, With music played and paid on the drum, because prosperity does nothing in your pocket.

can you tell me about this brass coast once annually party night there friend?

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Sure. It is called the broken wheel. Basically the brass coast go crazy from 9:00 pm till time out. You no longer have to be honest and so most people come up with far fetched stories and pretend to be things they are not.

The idea is it simulates what it is like to live without the virtues (within reason). Many people from Highguard suggest that it should be a sombre occasion as it is supposed to be showing everyone how important the virtues are. They suggest that the way the freeborn practise it, is heretical. The freeborn however do not care and do it anyway.

I’ve seen people switch clothes with other people and then pretend to be them (wearing other people’s clothes or other people wearing your clothes is consider wrong in the brass coast). I’ve seen people pretending to be a herald from the realm of paprika, the greatest of all seasons. I’ve seen people pretending to have horses. I’ve seen people selling twigs as baby briars. I think there was even a pillow fight but I wasn’t sure if that was some other shenanigans.

On top of that there is a lot of drinking, rude songs, messing with eternals and being cheeky to the other nations, most of whom are fine with it (the brass coast hope). Not everyone in the brass coast participates but it is part of the fun of being the brass coast, sort of a cheat day if you will.

I think every nation has there own special event. The marchers have a special harvest where they give free food to everyone, the High Guard have a ceremony to honour the dead with torches and that is all I really know of.


Which event of the year is that? It sounds truly amazing, the Paprika got me so good!

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You just missed it, it is the last Saturday of every year (the autumn event). It comes round quickly though and then once it does everyone is either going to have a great time or lots of people are going to get angry and start trying to excommunicate people (probably not but I heard someone once threaten it, most likely as a joke). It is certainly a good time to indulge yourself and be a bit silly.

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I’m very much looking forward to it and hope i survive that long :+1:

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Basically, if you survive your first one, you would have got over that phycological barrier and thus you will be fine with returning when ever you have the chance.

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At the Winter Solstice (E1), There are:
Highguard: Procession of the dead,
League: Festival of the Reaper
Varushka: Winter Market (Although I think its actually Autumn Equinox)

These are the ones I know of. I don’t know anything about Wintermark only slightly more about Navarr.