Best way to decide what nation/character to build

Hi I’m looking to create a character and hopefully attend a game (bank balance/time/life permitting).
As an avid lover of fantasy, history, RPG games, I feel utterly spoilt for choice on what nation or faction to go for and what type of character to build as a result. (Empire should really release a quiz for indecisive morons like myself )
Any tips and tricks to narrowing down what to chooses.
If any factions want to just claim me and make the decision for me that would also be appreciated.


I think the smartest way to narrow it down if you really can’t decide is to either look at the archetypes and see if any of them really sing to you, find a group to join out of character and make a character to fit them, or see what kind of kit is most realistic for you to get a hold of and go for the most appropriate nation from there.

I did make a “what nation should I pick” quiz for fun, though, if you want to try it out.


Brilliant, thanks for the quiz was actually really useful and pointed me towards a nation I hadn’t really though of before.


So don’t leave us in suspence, what caught your attention? :slight_smile:


Yeah, enquiring minds want to know :smiley:.

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Sorry for keeping you all waiting, the League is where I’m looking for my character inspiration now, just trying piece together how exactly I want my character to look and feel. Either finding a good site to buy costume from or helpful tips and trick on making my own garments and obviously which is more cost effective.


Basic costume for the league is either a doublet or high waisted dress over a very full shirt and leggings or jodhpurs. There are places you can buy them, on field or beforehand, and several makers who could do you a custom one. They are not particularly difficult to sew yourself, especially as you can replace half the seams with lacing instead so the fit doesn’t have to be as perfect.
Making it yourself is the cheapest option. Adapting a charity shop purchase if you are lucky is also fairly simple. There is a second hand shop at Empire, Das Shoppe, who usually have something appropriate. If you’re looking to purchase there is a list of traders on the wiki.

I think the League is more forgiving than many people realise. I have a costume break-down for my character - HERE - which I post every time I get the chance. It’s mostly cheap and easy to source (i.e. less than your ticket overall) with a couple of special items. In my case, I made a jerkin and already had the cape.

For inspiration, another member of my Carta had a Pinterest board called It’s a League Thing and it’s full of things to get you thinking or to aspire to one day.


Obviously I take your choice as a victory for our nation, and a sign of your excellent taste.

If there are things we can do to help with advice, please ask - the League is not a massive nation, so we love having new players and trying to find places for them to fit in etc. My own particular interest is in the League military side, so anything you would like to ask relating to that, I’ll be happy to help.

It’s a victory for us all. Otbaker is already winning the game and we get to welcome a player of obvious taste and discernment to the nation.

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