Birmingham Fight Practice

Jumping on the bandwagon of the last couple of fight practice posts…

We get together and fight every Sunday between 1100 and 1300 at Warwards Lane Park in Selly Oak, Birmingham.
It’s right in the middle of student country, easy walk from Selly Oak train station.

There are usually eight to twelve of us, mostly Urizen but a few Dawnish and Varushkans too. All Nations are of course welcome, as are all skill levels. We range the gamut from fencers/re-enactors and long time LARP fighters to beginners and peeps with health issues.

A couple of our lot bring loads of weapons (if traveling with your pike is a problem or if you want to try practice with something before you commit to buying a physrep).

Out favorite training games at the moment are…
-Circle of Treachery ; everyone forms a circle each with one weapon touching the center, on the count of three it’s a free-for-all melee. Everyone starts with three hits and last one standing wins.
-Secret Teams ; like circle except everyone secret picks a team between 1 and 3, you must truthfully announce your team when you kill someone and the last team standing wins.
-Troll ; One player is the Troll, fifty hits, shatter or strikedown on every hit, must fight like a lumbering heavy stupid troll. The rest are a team that have three hits each and must kill the Troll. Sometimes we play this with Empire stats, usually we have more than one troll, sometimes we try it without healers.
-Flambard triangle ; Three players form the corners of a large triangle, two other players duel within, if you get hit or leave the triangle you are out and swap with one of the corners, we’ve usually got enough for two or three triangles.

We also do line-fights, Endless Battle, Goblin hordes, Capture the Flag, Heroic Last Stands and whatever else people can think of on the fly. We’re very happy to offer instructions/advice/pointers on technique. We’re also happy for people to shoot arrows at us (within reason).

Afterwards, some of us go to the pub or to someone’s house for board games.