Birmingham Pubmeet

This is a thing that is in the process of being made to happen. There’s a Facebook group at if you’d like to get involved!

Not yet regular, but the first Birmingham one will be on Wednesday 29th January at 5.30pm in The Old Contemptibles pub in the city centre. I know we’ve got at least one newbie coming, but the more folks we can get along, the bigger a deal we can make of this! :smiley:

I’m fairly nearby and would like to come, I haven’t met many people OOC yet, should I just show up or can I join the group?
Also, I have a couple of friends who are expressing an interest in Empire, as you’ve already got a newbie coming I guess they’d be welcome as well?

Everyone is welcome! Please feel free to join the group (I will try to approve any applications ASAP!) and I shall look forward to seeing you at the frothmeet :smiley:

My friend and I are interested in attending Empire events. We have both been going to LT events for a few years now and we would like to have a chat and a beer with a few locals who have gone to Empire events. If any of you upstanding individuals would be able to spare the time we would be most appreciative.

They did a second one of these last Tuesday so they should hopefully do another one near the end of the month that you could go along to. I shall light the Joe Rooney signal and see what he says :slight_smile:.

I volunteer as tribute o/

Awesome, much obliged.

Oh, and is there any particular reason for meeting in the old contemptibles?

I appear! :smiley:

You’d be more than welcome to come along to a frothmeet and chat to folks over drinks. The next one will be in the last week of March but we don’t have a date set yet. If you join the Facebook group we can keep you up to date!

We meet at the Old Contemptibles because it has the right mix of availability, a back room, drinks prices, food and wheelchair accessibility…

Sounds like a plan!

Joined (Real name is Chris Webb)

Roughly how many people go to the meet atm and what factions do they belong to? Just curious.

We had about 15 at the first one and about 10 at the second, I think. Broad mix of Nations, definitely Leaguers, definitely Varushkans, some Freeborn, some Marchers.

Excellent. I would like to get as broad a perspective on both the system and the game world as possible.

Is there another planned soon?

Not that I want to meet people and bounce about the fact that it seems like I am getting back into larping or anything…