Blood, rituals and hits

This is a half fluff/half rules question.

Navarri rituals (almost) always involve blood - and the bigger the ritual, the more blood is the general rule (mainly due to more ritualists).

So based on this wouldn’t it be logical to assume that there are a lot of Navarri ritualists who occasionally mess up and shed more blood than intended?

And based on that would it be logical to play someone who rarely gets it right and keeps collapsing from blood loss after doing rituals?

As a fellow-player (not a ref) I reckon when your character cuts herself you should feel free to have her lose a hit point.

As for cutting and then not collapsing until some minutes later… that’s more questionable, since there’s no standard rules-mechanic for that. (Maybe some Traumatic Wounds can have that effect, but you can’t inflict them reliably.)

Sounds like a fun concept though.

At least one person out there who does something similar to this. It’s absolutely legitimate.

I’m pretty sure you are allowed to RP as much fainting as you like with no rules effects required. You’ll want to think through what you will tell the inevitable swarm of Physicks who come to patch you up though :slight_smile:.