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A question mostly out of curiosity than anything, what boardgames would you say ‘fit’ with nations, Navarr in particular, and be played IC (and OOC if you like haha) while not saying EVERYONE from specific nations would play it like it’s a common culture thing or anything, just what would fit the nations better when killing some time in your tent or something :slight_smile:

A few that have really caught my eye is;

there’s an alternate/similar version that has an extra piece called Ludus Latrunculorum

if not, which nations do you think they’d fit to more?

As a Greek in Odyssey, I took one-line-of-pawn Latrunculi with the “Leader/King” mechanic around the camps, challenging all the other war-leader-priests to a game for the honour of Nike.

I didn’t lose a game. :smiley:

It’s very fun and I would recommend that one, but just try to theme it to the event/setting. I themed Latrunculi to the battles that happened in the arena, with Hoplites and Warleaders being the pieces.

I’d also recommend having a shorter timeframe to the game. I made it so that you win if you capture 4 of your opponent’s hoplites, OR if you trap their warleader.

Most of the games by the Guild of Good Games ( are designed primarily with League players in mind. Of them:

  • ‘Masquerade of the League’ is clearly very League-themed.
  • ‘Rings of Influence’ is about apprentices seeking to become sufficiently influential to join a Guild - again very League.
  • ‘Battle for Anvil’ shows its League origins by having Guildmasters from each of the 4 League cities seeking to become Emperor. That said, the game play isn’t necessarily very League-specific
  • ‘Fight for the Throne’ is non-nation specific (though all the illustrations are of former Senators, Bourseholders, Generals, Archmagi and Cardinals from the League)
  • ‘Heroes of Empire’ (currently under playtest) is likely to include cards for heroes from all nations (except imperial orcs), though there is a preponderous of League cards, if only because citizens of the League are more likely to have donated to feature on cards in order to help fund reforming the Tower Jacks army.

The kids play Tafl.

Very simple board game but they’ll spend hours at it!

Mancala/Kalaha/Dakon with the Orcs and Brass Coast~ I can’t help but imagine it would suit the Navaar for trods and moving around~

Nine Men’s Morris would probably work for navaar given you can play it with sticks n stones on the trail ;D

You could make a version of Tsuro, which would be a good fit for Navarr, just for the aesthetic of a game about connecting winding paths and wandering along them. Make a version with green and brown tiles, and thorn motifs.

For some reason the Dawnish enjoy Love letter (or the Egregore’s favour).

We’re bringing a version of Tsuro to next event - originally we made it for Maelstrom but I found it in the back of a cupboard and figured it still fits pretty well. We called it Roote (it was more of a verbal pun to mean both tree roots and routes through a maze).

Tsuro is my first thought for the Navarr but River Dragons is another great game that would suit them well if adapted (I ran out of time…)

Castle Panic’s rules feels like a good fit as a game teaching younger players the benefits of working together against barbarians (it’s also great fun for all ages!) but is might be too fiddly for a field :frowning:

Damn, I had a Tsuro board phys rep being knocked together that I was going to throw at PD and try and convince Murit to make it as “the game of snakes”

It struck me as a really good game for The Way; 7 Virtues and The Throne, represents the labyrinth.

but then I thought it would be a cute historic way of one of the Empresses’ deciding who got their dose of True Laio

No reason you can’t, there can be multiple versions on the field just like there are multiple versions of Mancala!

To be honest either The Way or the journey through the Labyrinth isn’t ideal because nobody achieves a goal (e.g. rebirth or Paragonhood), we all just spend our time trying to stay on the paths until the last moment when we fall off and get lost in the Wilderness, or be the last player standing, alone, in the tangled web of treachery around us (that sounds like a League game if ever I heard one. :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Navaari Trods/Varushkan Paths work a little better as the paths are safe: Do Not Leave The Path…

But at the end of the day they are simple, fun games that can be taught and learnt quickly and can be replayed over and over again. Win.

There’s a game called Arcanum which has been repurposed into the game of “conclave” - 6 archmages of different realms cast rituals to defend the Empire from barbarians, freedom cultists and eternals while at least 1 if them is secretly working for the enemy and poisoning the Emperess.

Chess is mentioned every now and again in Urizen (not sure if anyone has worked out what the pieces would be). I suspect go would be good for it too (I really need to learn to play that, it looks cool)

I’ve seen both traditional chess and a few more exciting variants out there. The funniest is Stargazer’s chess (aka Penultima), where the two players are joined by six spectators. Each spectator secretly invents the rules for one of the pieces, and the players attempt to experimentally deduce what they have and how they can move and attack in order to take out the enemy king.

I tend to play card games using the Decktet, because it’s a bit odd and has some nice (if coincidental) thematic links.

So would a chess set, being played by the normal, human rules of chess, be an acceptable IC activity?

Yes, 100%. People all around the field play chess.

I’ve taught go to a friend IC and it works very well (the main problem in a field is finding somewhere flat to play it!) - I think there are about two or three actual rules you need to learn, the complexity comes from the size of the board (and you can get smaller boards), and you don’t even need to wonder about what to call the pieces as they’re just black and white stones.

You do, however, need to translate the Go terms that are in Japanese into a good English equivalent, which can be tricky. If anyone has neat translations for “ko” and “atari”, I’d love to hear them, although I’ve found some in play. :slight_smile:

I thought Atari was just Check?

Not exactly - they both mean “you’re one move away from this piece being captured” but in chess that piece is your king and losing it is game-ending, whereas in go it’s just one or more stones that might get captured. Calling it check makes it sound much more scary than it is.

So far I’ve just gone for explaining it (“your stones are under threat”), if I’m playing someone who’s new to the game. :slight_smile:

Given there’s only one type of piece, it sounds like check is fine =D

I’m 100% behind more references to people’s stones though!