Bond ring details

Hi all. My character is written, my ticket and COVID pass sorted and I’m stoked to be joining you soon.

One of my artificer recipes is the Bond Ring. It says you can use Stay with me or Get it together without using a Hero Point but do you need to know those skills?

Having looked at the item page, I suspect that this is one of those items that lets you use a skill for free, instead of replicating a skill you then pay to use…

Which would indicate that you DO need to know those skills.

However, I strongly suggest that you email in to

to get clarification.

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Yeah, I think an email in is the best bet as it can be read either way and it’s better to get it from the source!

Thank you. Will do. Either way it’s a great artifact with lots of RP potential.

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Worth mentioning on your email that the Wiki doesn’t specifically state whether you need to already know the skill, as it does specify on many other artifacts, so I suspect this is an oversite and needs to be updated too!

Oh! And please let us know the outcome so we can pass the answer on. :slight_smile:

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Hi all,

Graeme got back to me and it turns out that you don’t need to have the skill to use it through the bond ring. Presumably because of the limited targeting and use (makes sense).

What a neat little artifact! And with my forest I can make these fairly reliably.

My character Dylan and my partner’s character Telari aren’t going to be in combat for our first outing (we want to dig into life at Anvil first) so I’ll have a Bond Ring spare.

Now I just have to make the damned Phys rep :slight_smile:

Simon (Dylan)


Costume jewellery from charity shops make great physreps if you don’t want to make one!

Just in case, you don’t have to give away the physrep along with the ribbon (unless you want to gift or lend it to them). Once someone buys the item it is their responsibility to physrep it.

And finally thank you you for getting back to us, my partner and I ended up down a wiki rabbit hole last night attempting to conclusively prove it either way. We could not.


Glad to help :slight_smile: I’m going to use my polymer clay supplies as I’ve made rings with my daughter before.

I’m thinking something akin to the Roman double headed snake ring but maybe dragons instead of snakes. I’ll tinker with it. Also because it’s polymer clay I’m happy to give it away and make more :slight_smile:

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I also noted that a bond ring can be other things like bracers. Maybe a braided bracelet with Dragonbone (white air clay painted to look like ivory) beads would be more Navarr.

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