Bonded items and player events

So last time I checked the system (last week) I wasn’t yet bonded to my shiny thing which I picked up and got bonded to at E4, is this something that normally gets updated before events?

Also can one use bonded items at player events?

I believe you are bonded to an item as soon as a someone does it (though a ref must be present).

I think that you can only be bonded to an items at the official event as PD need to know about this, however when you are there, Any mage can do this or the artisan who created it. If there is a problem, I recommend emailing the PD admin staff. They are really kind and helpful and do a great job. They should be able to sort things out.

…or any artisan who knows how to make it: see
Anyway, yes, when the bonding was done, it should have been processed by a ref who should have updated the database.
Also, yes, you can use items at player events (at least at officially-sanctioned ones).


I didn’t know it could be any artisan who knew how to make the item. Thank you for informing me.