Booking open for Tales Out of Anchor 3-5 Oct 2014

Booking is now open for Tales Out Of Anchor, a new game of secrecy, politics and drama set in a spectacular and vivid world where Regency England meets 1930s Shanghai.

Event One runs 3-5 October 2014 at Smallwood Manor
Preparatory School in Staffordshire ST14 8NS

Tales Out Of Anchor is a theatrical, immersive and freeform game, with simple rules and a deep, rich story for you to take part in. Create a character, write a backstory and select your field of influence and you are ready to play.

Will you be a Skydancer, Merchant, Pirate, Knight, Priest or Urchin? Are you everything that you seem or is there more to you than meets the eye? Are you striving for power, seeking revenge or looking for your heart’s deepest desire?

Tickets are £80 for a fully catered weekend long event with indoor accomodation. Concession tickets are available.

Character Creation and How To Book and Pay are here: … _character

More details on the world of Anchor are here:

Everything else can be found here:


Members of the Tales out of Anchor design team will be at the Liberty Bounds in London, tomorrow PM: we’d love to see some of you there!

…and if London is too far for you, then there is a pub meet in Leeds on Sunday, at Mr. Foley’s.

(Or frothing keeners could attend both. We won’t judge.)