Boots for the Brass Coast

Hey guys

I’m planning to come to the first event 2015 as a member of the Brass Coast nation, however, asian slippers really aren’t good for cold British spring. Any ideas on appropriate boots/travelling footwear for such costume?



Worth noting that there’s no requirement to have perfect footwear. While it’s a nice thing to aspire to (I’d think about soft leather boots of some type, plus waterproof socks), you can get by perfectly well with a set of hiking boots in a neutral brown or black.

As long as they’re not obtrusive or trainers, IC stops at the ankles.

True, perfect footwear isn’t essential but I prefer to have something that’s not just hiking boots ^^ … UTF8&psc=1 I’ve used these for larp a couple of times, really, really warm and pretty leak-proof. I may get some lighter coloured brown for this character :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback though :smiley:

I use some black ‘jedi’ boots that I waterproofed with a little wax on the seams. Except last even where it was abominably hot so I wore decks hoes. They seemed Urizen to me. :slight_smile:

They look nice. To make them more Brass Coast, you could perhaps replace the straps with braid ones woven in bright colours, or otherwise make the boots brighter and more decorated.