Hi all!

So I’ve got a quick and possibly slightly weird question, i’m bringing alcohol to sell/trade at Anvil, it is a spirit and is recommended to be imbibed with some kind of mixer, I am looking for advice as to if anyone has brought spirits previously for the purpose of trade/sale and when selling, if they added in the mixers to the drink or simply recommended it to anyone that is buying it from them or if they sold mixers alongside the spirits?


So, first question, are you planning on running a small bar of sorts, or just selling the alcohol in bottles? Can I ask what the spirit is?

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I’ll just be looking to sell the alcohol in bottles, the spirit is Soju - I picked it up a little while ago and thought this would be a great opportunity to break it out

Walking from camp to camp is a time honoured tradition of selling booze. (I have never had but I have enjoyed shochu and I believe they are similar and very interested in a bottle).

Mostly people don’t both carting the mixer around as people can be picky about brands and types. But if its something quintessential (IE Tonic to go with Gin) then go for it more profit.
What’s the ABV out of curiosity?

As for price, what ever you can get. Ive seen rings for beer and wine, crowns for honey rum. I would suggest a bottle and glass for tasters.

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As @Mr_Haystacks says, if the mixer is quintessential then probably best to sell together, maybe even pre-mixed for ease as not everyone brings soft drinks with them. Or sell it neat (especially if it can be drunk neat) and just recommend mixing to people. The majority of drinks I’ve seen that might require mixer are either sold pre-mixed or are being sold at a bar, I’ve never seen anyone selling neat bottles and mixers on top of that as it’s way too much extra effort logistically.

Don’t forget to make sure your bottles look vaguely IC! And yes, a tasting bottle and some shot glasses is probably a good idea, it’s what I do with my honey rum.

Okay, I think if i sell some with mixers and some straight that should cater for as many people as possible. Thank you guys for the advice! the ABV is 27% so its not too hard its just from experience it has a hell of a delayed kick to it

What do you mix with it?

best mixers tend to be apple, pineapple, orange or passion fruit - i’ll probably go with apple and one other

Take it to the Orcs.They’ll drink pretty much anything.

(Apologies for my Orcist comments. They are a fine nation of individuals, and a valuable part of our Empire)

Haha I’ll be sure to head that way - Out of curiosity if I approach the camp, I hear I need to bring a second with me as well as a weapon, does that still matter if i’m peddling my wares? (Wouldn’t want to insult potential customers!)

You don’t need to bring extra stuff to visit the orcs, that’s mostly rumours.

What they don’t want is people going to have a look see, they’re not zoo animals.

A legitimate reason to visit, such as selling something, is absolutely fine.

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There’s not been a problem that I’ve seen about heading in, but out of respect I stay armed and have a buddy with me.
At the very least, it avoids having to role-play the awkwardness if one of the Orcs brings it up, and you can get on with the reason you are there.