++BOTH CUT ALIKE++ Winds of Fortune Summer 382YE


Magistrate Suuli the Jay plodded along the corridor, his tired and weary bones longing for a rest. The sudden onset of rays of sunset making their way through the shutters half-blinded him, and he rubbed his eyes to clear them. Behind him, on the wall, his shadows stood as a stark silhoutte, framed by a headdress of feathers.

As his eyes cleared, he grasped hold of his staff once more and stepped forwards - only to hear the sounds of hurried footsteps rounding the corner ahead. He growled to himself, peered ahead, and wondered just who was making such a noise at this hour.

Round the corner burst an energetic figure, bark-skin covering the lower jaw, sleek longbow strung over bleached leather armour, hair tied back into a tight bun. She screeched to a halt in front of the Magistrate, who gave her a long, cold stare, waiting for her to speak.

Despite her exertions, she seemed to require almost no time to recover her breath, and stood up straight in front of him.

“Magistrate Suuli? They said you’d be here. I have a report!”

Suuli took in a deep breath, allowing his initial frustrations to subside.

“Speak to me, Suaq. Name yourself. What report do you have?”

“Eadlin Arsdottir, Magistrate. I am… Frayed. My band and I - we’ve tracked some bandits - kidnappers, we think - they took people - they swam away - how did they do that, though? It doesn’t make sense - they weren’t merrow, and in any case-”

“Silence!” roared Suuli, with sudden voice and passion. Eadlin looked visibly shaken, but clamped her mouth shut, fingers dancing along her bow.

“You mean to say,” he continued, “that you have encountered some bandits kidnapping people. Where was this?”

“On the coast. Up and down the rocks, actually. They keep moving - sometimes inland, sometimes right on the shore - been there for a few weeks, I think. Have you not heard of them yet? I think they’re maybe Suaq, or Steinr, or-”

“Slow down. How many bandits?”

Eadlin stopped moving for a moment, eyes closed, brow furrowed.

“One or two dozen, Magistrate. They move in a group, like trained fighters - or warriors bonded by blood. They’ve been attacking people - my cousin Vaaki said two of her hall never came back from a hunt, and-”

“Who are they kidnapping? How many?”

“We saw two. Dressed like Suaq, although not wearing much beyond thick skins on their back. We couldn’t get to them in time - we were going to open fire, but then they all dived into the Gullet, and we couldn’t line up our shots, and we thought someone should know, so we came-”

Suuli gave the ground a firm, hefty tap with his staff. The echo reverberated up and down the corridor, causing Eadlin to once again fall into silence.

“They dived into the Gullet? Weapons, armour and all?”

“Yes, Magistrate. They just disappeared - like they could breathe water and swim like fish! The poor Suaq must be drowned by now, I-”

“That will do, Eadlin. Return to your warband. I will take it from here.”

Eadlin turned and half-sprinted back down the corridor, rapidly disappearing from view. Suuli shook his head - it looked like it would be several hours before he could lay himself down to rest…

Conjunctions! Conjunctions for everyone! Well not really, but in this Wind of Fortune you can learn about some of the quest opportunities:

  • Druj scouting parties in Urizen, up to no good in Morrow, Redoubt, and… Spiral?
  • Jotun forces in a ring of steel around Atalaq in Wintermark, stopping refugees escaping
  • An odd disturbance at Eleri’s Rest in Broceliande that involves a peculiar two-part conjunction to an obscure regio
  • Unknown raiders on the shores of Kallavesa who seem to have an uncanny ability to survive beneath the water
  • A trip to Liathaven to perhaps allow Navarr vates to follow through on sinister plans related to the opportunities there
  • Grendel ships up to no good on the southern coast near Sarvos and Necropolis

You can get more details of each set of conjunctions here → https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/Both_cut_alike

These don’t represent all the conjunctions this event, just some of those that are known about by the Empire in advance. They certainly don’t represent all the Sentinel Gate opportunities, and while there is an emphasis on combat some of these conjunctions are designed to be more accessible.

The photo is from Oliver Facey, the flavour text is from @Jonathan Kidger, and the grunt work putting this wind of fortune together was understaken by our very own @Thomas E. Hancocks. Other parts were played by the cast.

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