Bow for archery

Hello all,

I’m on the verge of buying this: … atbow.html (at 30lbs) for LARP use, including at Empire (primarily monstering), and was just wondering if anyone has any thoughts/issues/experience with this type of bow and LARP? I’ve only used a more traditional longbow before.

It’ll do the job, although I’ve never tried one.

I’d probably buy a cheaper one as your first LRP bow, but that looks perfectly reasonable.

My go-to starter LRP bow recommendation is this one: … tring+only

It’s very cheap and cheerful, but will shoot pretty much with the best (given how shoddy LRP arrows are), has more than enough range and power, and is comfortable to use all day. Looks inoffensively neutral too. Wrap the grip in a piece of leather or some cord and job’s a good un.


there is a wierdness in the link you posted,
i think you wanted this, … tring+only

which for £36 is pretty damn good value.

Just remember to warm it up thoroughly before presenting it to weapons check, or they might not pass it for being over-poundage!

That one certainly is cheap! I do want to invest in something wooden and a little more professional though. And as a tall guy, I’ve shot shorter bows and I prefer the longer length.

Where do people recommend for arrows? It seems they’re a fair bit cheaper online than in the field, does anyone have a particularly favourite seller? I’d like them before this coming event.

Good tip on warming it up before weaponcheck, thanks.

Twisted Flax LRP Kit. Excellent quality, accurate, custom fletching patterns if desired.

They also do a line of rattan longbows, if you want a long and good-looking wood bow that still passes weapons check well.

I believe Twisted Flax normally have a stock of arrows for sale at the event. Drop them an email to check what they’ll have in stock.