Brand New and Looking at you Highguard

Hello all!
As the eagle eyed among you may have guessed I’m new to this LARP scene!
New but very very interested!
Currently after a quick look through the wiki at nations Highguard sound pretty awesome! Especially The Unconquered! Always loved the rangery woodland leather and bows kinda feel!
Really just wanted to say HEY and ask for advice on getting started!
I’d be looking for people to join I guess as my friends aren’t exactly looking LARPward, at least for now!
SO yeah! basically any help hugely apppreciated! Sorry if this post has been made a dozen or so times already!


Welcome! I play an unconquered battlemage myself, so any questions just ask.

If you’ve had a look at the wiki you’re probably on the right track, but checking out the highguard look & feel page, and the culture and customs page is always advisable.

Do you have any specific questions you want to ask?

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Hello! It’s great to see a new player getting keen for that, Highguard doesn’t seem to get much love from new players and I think the Unconquered archetype is underused. I’m not HG so can’t directly help but I expect you will find someone.

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Also, if you haven’t already join the Highguard facebook group

Sorry for the incoming tide of questions that have pprobably been answered in what I read but being excited didn’t manage to sink in!
For starters! What’s teh best way of finding a group when you have nobody to attend with? Right now my biggest worry is I’ll get down there alll pumped and ready to RP only to not find a groove as I’m awkwardly walking around on my lemon expepreincing the world lost!

Second and obvs a big one
Costumes and the like
This you can helpp me with big time!
with the Unconquered and with all walks of life I guess!
is it all armour all the time
always in leathers with weapons
or is it recomended to have a campside gear and fight gear?

Any advcie for creating an Unconquered ranger esqe character?
tho I’m guessing Bows are not really reccomended so would be more swordbased I guess

Just any other things you think I ought to know! or be careful about
or that you think I have the wrong idea about!

and sorry for the super basic questions!

Thanks!! Nice to see the community is awesome enough to welcome anyone! not just those relevant to their own knowledge etc!

Oh! and also are there any podcasts, stories or the like that would be worth digesting to really get an idea of current story, what’s big with all nations etc?

Groups in Highguard tend to recruit on the field. As in, turn up in character, walk around and talk to chapters and see who you want to join (and who’s recruiting).
Highguard are a very friendly nation (everyone says that, but it’s true), so don’t be too anxious about walking around and asking questions.

Costume wise, from experience not many unconquered dress in the greens and browns from the wiki. Most wear chapter colours.
A hood is a must have for any highguard, especially unconquered. A bandana to pull over your face is good, to make you look ranger-esque.

No one really wears armour in Anvil 24/7, so make sure you have some day-kit as well as some battle kit.
A good basic kit is a black and white tabard. Most chapters have black as a base colour (although some vary), so black forms a good base when looking for a chapter.

There are a good mix of bow unconquered and melee unconquered currently in highguard (and a few battlemages like yours truly). I would advise melee to start with as bows are pretty expensive. Unconquered act as skirmishes, ranging ahead of the highguard line, or guarding the flanks, so movement is vital.

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For that, I’d recommend coming to an event an asking around! It’s a great way to get into the game.

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Awesome! Thanks for all the advice!!
Final thing
just any rec on where to get gear from?
or is it better to be making your own??

Oh and I take it as a new player then I should be bringing a one man tent and hitch that in the OOC area?

I’d recommend LARPinn, they’re pretty good for basic kit.

For a basic unconquered/ general Highguard outfit I’d recommend:
A good tabard like this one.
A hood like this one (a vital piece of Highguard kit!)
And/or a cloak to finish things off.

For weapons, I’d recommend buying one at the event, as you can pick it up, test the weight and also you can be sure it’ll be safe to use (some online stores sell cheap weapons that will not pass Empire safety checks).

Regarding camping, I’d advise a small OOC tent for your first event.

Any more questions, just shout! It’s great to have more players in Highguard.


Again thank you so much for all the help!
Should be fun hopefully will be down for E3!!

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Be sure to come by the Suns of Couros and say hi!

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As a new player, I heartily reccomend bringing a nice easy pop-up tent for the OOC area. You’ll have enough to confuse you without jumping in the deep end of camping IC :slight_smile: Standard camping advice: practise putting the tent up and down beforehand, get a good idea of capacity.

For finding a group, you can do so on the facebook group, or someone may pop up on here to recruit you, or you can indeed just turn up and look for a group to join. I would strongly advise against playing solo, especially for your first time.

As thresher said, a few basics are all you need to start with. As well as those, some neutral (dark) trousers, belt, and sturdy hiking boots are needed. You might want a complete change of clothes, given the variable weather. A lot of stuff can be acquirred in charity shops, on ebay, or some high street shops. But the basics you’re best off buying new.

If you are inspired to make your own stuff, keep it simple, and know that whatever you show up in, there will be (a) folk that make you look like an amazing professional, and (b) folk that make you look like you didn’t bother.

You can safely do quite a bit of shopping for kit online, but yes, buy a weapon at the event. So you can get some idea of what it feels like, prices, quality, and styles. There are enough traders at the events to buy everything from your character there, but it can get quite pricey if you do so (although there are also some nice bargains).

As for latest updates:

The Winds of War and Winds of Fortune come out before every event. They’re the big campaign stuff. My advice is this: pick one of them relevant to the interests of your character, read it carefully, look up the places on the map:

And then you’ll have a talking point. If you don’t read the others (or pretend not to have) then you have a ready made conversation and entry point for the game:

(Let’s say, as a Highguard Unconquered, you’ve been supporting the Highguard armies in the long bloody retreat out of Zenith)
CD’s character: “I’ve just come in from the Zenith front, what news of the rest of the Empire?”
A: “Fighting the Druj, oh Virtues, that was bloody awful wasn’t it…”
B: “I’d rather have the Druj, I was hip deep in Vallorn… still got a nasty cough…”
C: (thousand yard stare, clutching his tea, rocking gently back and forth)
D: “Don’t mind him, his chapter was in Spiral. Don’t ask. Sit brother, and tell us your name…”

Next questions? :slight_smile:


Hey thank you for the detailed response!
Particularly loved the rp example!
How much do weapons normally run you at an event if you don’t mind me asking!!

I’ll have a good ol gander at maps and details for my character
First step as with an rpg i guess os know who you’re playing better than anything else

Other than that I think you had most stuff covered!

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As Thresher said, finding a chapter in character is a great way to get into the game. Most chapters generally wear their chapter symbol somewhere (tabard, surcoat, belt tag) but if you join in the field that can be sorted out then which is much easier.

Base costume, basic black or white shirt or tunic and trousers, plus some sort of hood will make you obviously highborn. you’ll only be going to battle for one morning, (Monster the other - dark coloured base will do fine for that), so no need to wear your armour after that, unless you go on a skirmish but you should have time to change. If you don’t get an IC home immediately plenty of groups will be happy to give you a corner to dump armour, warm layers for the evening and snacks etc so having a change doesn’t have to mean going back OOC.

Welocme to the nation!

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I’ll probably drop a message on the Facebook group about Chapters and who’s looking for new members!
But if I can’t find anything I’ll jump in at the deep end and find one IC

Now I just have to figure out how to get there from Bristol without a car
And actually make my character!

Also are hoods and cloaks interchangeable or do I need both
Cloaks are just so cool

The hood is the distinctive Highguard look. The cloak helps, as well as keeping you warm at night. Go for the hood first, you can improvise a cloak with a blanket if need be.

I suspect you can organise a car share, or even public transport, from Bristol. There’s a shuttlebus organised by PD form the site to/from the train station.

Weaponry is HIGHLY variable. You could get a bargain of a small dagger for £10, or drool over a huge ornate double-handed greatsword at £200. A simple sword, axe or mace will probably be about £50. Shop around, remember where you got it, get it weapon-checked immediately.

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Thats pretty sensible dont think it will be too hard to sort then!!
Oh i assumed if they were being sold at the event they’d be checked already! Thanks for lettimh me know they need to be!