Brass coast flyer


hey all, so I was thinking of making a leaflet for stuff that’s going on in the brass coast. this is not a newspaper. this can be a thing like adds for stuff going on, aims that people have and important events in the brass cost that we all should know.

so if you guys want to leave a comment on stuff that you may want in it, please do. I will also be going around IC for stuff but this will not go on the leaflets and I will just try to tell people

as well anything that not brass coast related can go on the leaflet but will cost 1 ring per times printed (because I’m not that nice)

thanks all.


1 ring sounds very reasonable, most people would probably charge two or three rings but I couldn’t say for sure.


well, it more for info and filling any blank spaces. maybe if it becomes more popular later on i will raise the price.


Well lets hope it does.


There’s a few IC fliers floating around, it’s an idea that can work if you’re prepared to do a lot of walking to both find your advertisers and to then distribute them! Good luck, I hope you find a few takers at E1.


Oh, something that may be useful, if you can get into the hall of worlds and take some notes during conclave that may affect the brass coast. Not everyone can get in but if, for example, people hear that there is a bunch of stuff going on with the Grendel and magic (there have been a few deals made in the past with an eternal to get boons to try and deal with the Grendel) then they may want to.