Brass coast informer

so is their anyone in the field that collects news and stuff we’re doing for the freeborn.
I seem to see a lot of people miss stuff and I just wanted to know.
if so then maybe I have found a new aim for me.

I’ve not seen anyone do the Town Crier thing in a few years, either in the Brass Coast or elsewhere. Could be fun and profitable to do?

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A few of the nations have a camp chalkboard that important stuff gets written on (specific meetings, skirmishes, elections, etc.), though it does require running around to find those things out. Perhaps something to consider alongside doing it verbally?

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Maybe set up near the entrance and try and interest new players. I’m sure some would like to know about what is going on. You could even look into make a newspaper. That way people can look at the information where ever. You could co-ordinate with people from other nations as well to get something that everyone would want. Maybe get someone from conclave or the senate or the synod to give you some information that you can put into it as well. You could put a virtue spin on it and then it might open up doors for you.

There is already a newspaper being produced in the Brass Coast called The Quay, probably a good idea to talk to them first if you’re interested in that kind of thing.


I’m personally not interested in that kind of thing. I find it very hard to keep up with the latest stuff, especially in conclave, my eyes sort of glaze over and none of it goes in. I’m more interested in weird information, unique information, things that are not common knowledge. I’m going to start looking into that a bit more but all I can think of doing is making arcane projections for that. Thank you for the information however, one day it may come in handy.

I meant more for if the OP is interested in that kind of thing :wink:

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Ah okay, that makes sense.

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A post of ‘Official Person Who Knows Things’ (I forget the title, apologies) was elected in the Brass Coast at E4, Amalia i Alvaro i Guerra.

Is that unofficially official or officially unofficial? :wink:

knowing stuff and telling people about stuff is a bit different.