Brass Coast player event 01/03/14

Massive thank you to Will and the team for an amazing event including Peter and his catering guys.

So without to many spoilers…

We arrived IC and watched the body of the former keeper of the spice gardens body burned whilst some people said words.

We than sat down for a traditional Brass Coast meal of hot and cold mezze. The food was really in keeping with Brass Coast food and the lamb was amazing! Before the meal started we were explained that a game would take place during the meal and the winner would get a prize and the loser a letter.

The game included runes and it wasn’t long before some of us were convinced it was a ritual which we became more convinced of when a Lictor crashed the party looking for the keeper of the garden.

The meal descended in chaos and paranoia during the evening as we suspected/confirmed that most if not all of the staff were assassins looking for a contract.

We recovered the contract, slayed a monster, dealt with the contract and went to bed :slight_smile:
Sorry for vagueness above but like to keep things aside to tell people face to face*

In summary the plot worked really well and was similar to what you get at a full weekend event, the background and link to main plot/history (thanks PD) really helped set the mood and gave us ton’s to do and discuss.

People who didn’t make it really missed out :slight_smile:

Adding my thanks, it was a really well run event.

Catering was excellent and plentiful. I don’t think anyone was going away hungry at any point, putting roleplay effects on some of the food was interesting, I ended up eating virtue encouraging cheese (which proves the Vitalism heresy btw)
The seat swapping was good fun and meant speaking to people I otherwise may not have crossed paths with which I found really neat.

The plot was interesting without being all consuming, I could see the potential for it to have wide reaching consequences or be just a small thing without either being too much of a stretch of reality, which is perfect for a player event.

The company was great, for me it’s the sign of a good time when someone asks what time it is and is incredulous at it being gone 3am.

Would definitely attend another Heart of Pargon run event, even vaguely tempted to try one of their non-Empire ones if holidays and other events align to allow it.