Briar Phys Rep

How much Phys Rep is allowed? On the wiki it says “It is better to cover a specific area than to try for all-over bark.” but is all-over bark actually allowed? I was thinking of creating a Suaq Icewalker who had fallen under the ice while young and only been saved by a lot of healing magic, so their entire body almost is bark, is this allowed?

I’m not sure on the rules but can you as a person cope with that outfit in all weathers? Not so much of a problem in the rain and cold but the summer events have got well over 25 degrees on several occasions.

It does say you can add to your lineage trappings but you can’t lose them while playing the same character, so it would be playing on hard mode!


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It sounds like a great concept, and while I don’t know of anyone who has gone for a solid face of bark, it’s entirely possible…

…but may have some problems.

First will be the in-game prejudice. Briars are not entirely trusted in many places, and the more pronounced the lineage, the more suspicion may fall on you…

Second, you may be mistaken for a Herald of a Spring Eternal (who are not generally popular). This happens with some characters with strong lineage. Play with that as you like.

Third is that it’s a heck of a make-up job. You could do something with a whole face mask?Certainly prosthetics and face-paint are the usual method, but you’re after a very comprehensive look… In which case I’d opt for a fairly thin mask, maybe even flexible enough to allow you to have facial expressions?

Fourth and finally, you may need quite a backstory for that one. As you say, caught under the ice, possibly all your exposed skin died of frostbite, replaced with bark?

Allowed? I think so. Easy? No. Interesting? Hell yes!


Aye, I was thinking having a mask/gloves for the majority of the time and having the rest covered with clothes which would help with the heat and then having spare phys rep for if something comes up that requires i lose a layer. The frostbite idea was what I was thinking! With the prejudice I read that Wintermark is more ok with Briar than all the other nations also being a Icewalker I was thinking that the mysticism would help negate it partially, though hopefully not entirely!

Mask, gloves and clothing to cover exposed skin is how the Imperial Orcs work too so it may be worth talking to them about the provisions they make for hot events.

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There was a Navarr (I think?) briar who went “full bark” and looked like a dryad, they basically had to have someone follow them around vouching for them to avoid getting stabbed as i understand it. At least thats the story i got from my Navarr buddy when my first instinct was to kill the Dryad asap, because dryads are awful :smiley:

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I would always advise “Less is more” when starting out with lineage physrepping. It can go up, but it can’t go down unless it’s causing you problems OC. Bear in mind that something which might seem alright when testing it at home might become something you get sick of putting on 3 days in a row. Gloves are also a pain to keep clean in a field. Even when we’re back in a field, I suspect larp will look a bit different for a while and “keeping your hands clean” will be a thing more people want to prioritise in their SFX and kit.

In terms of having Dramatically Huge Amounts Of Bark, you can do a lot by implying it, which also gives the moment of shock when people work out just how much there is. For example if you do green veins down to your wrists, bark on your lower arms, and bark/green veins up your neck. That implies that your entire torso and limbs are barkified, but unless you want to run around shirtless you won’t have to physrep the lot.

Green/brown nail varnish could also be used to show that your PC’s nails had all dropped out due to cold damage and been replaced with bark. Which would be subtly horrible for anyone who noticed it.


So rules wise. It’s exactly what it says. They don’t recommend it. If it was fully banned it would say.

However The real question you want to ask yourself is why.

Everyone wants to stand out, but when pd says something is off brief or not recommended then it’s usually for a reason. And the “it makes sense in my backstory” mentality is expressly discouraged by Matt P as it can be used to justify just about anything that ends up not really adding or even taking away from the game.

If you have the means and capability to do full bark and think it would genuinely add to yours and other game. Then there is no rule saying you can’t.

If you are looking for something to make your unique. Just bare in mind that they say it’s not recommended for a reason.


I remember (in a different game system) a silver-birch dryad, bark all over, with little edges of thin bark-outer-layer peeling away slightly from little splits: it looked really good.

I think you could do that with just face-paint applied after some bits of micropore tape or something, perhaps even some real birch outer-layer glued to your skin with spirit gum or, if that’s not strong enough, with pros-aid (pros-aide?).

I remember when she hit the field, lots of us dryads went “her physrepping is magnificent!”. Yeah, the silver birch approach can be really effective.

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