Busting Highguard Stereotypes

I’m curious, what sorts of Highborn stereotypes have you come across and how have you been pleasantly (or unpleasantly) surprised to discover that they aren’t always true?

Do the Highborn party harder than you expected? Are they more passionate romancers? Are they secretly all heretics? Do you play a Highborn (or know a Highborn) who is rather atypical for their nation?

We certainly party harder than many folk expect, but in a slightly less open way than some other nations.

I think we also produce more written smut than other nations (although given my character tends to be aloof about such things possibly she just hasn’t noticed).


There is a stereotype that we are all prudes, but my character has already managed to shock one of the Dawnish with her attitude so that one’s not true.

It is expected that most know more than the average citizen about religion, and we do a good line in opinions, more of those than people!

There are a few people who play the stereotypes up to the hilt - they play someone who is the epitome of Vigilance or who bring religion into everything.

We do seem to work together more than groups in other nations, whether that’s because our National Assembly for synod purposes is also the general community meeting or otherwise. Certainly we will in general offer assistance between groups very easily if it’s for the good of the Empire.

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