Buying land

so can I buy land? the last event there was a farm for sale and I just wanted to know if you can buy land.
also, can you have something like a fleet and a farm?
also (last one) is there any land that is very cursed. I just think it would be fun to have cursed land and then send people you dislike their on a dum quest and hope they die from it. the perfect murder.

Right okay there’s a bit to unpack here.

You can buy land in that you can get a personal resource which can be changed by the civil service for 2 crowns. You can also be willed into getting a resource, or buy a personal resource from someone if they want to sell it. You can have a fleet or a farm- you are only allowed one personal resource.

You can have cursed land, in that someone can curse your land with torrential rain, or famine. You cannot create quests and even if you did send them to a cursed farm they’re unlikely to die because curses rarely kill people directly, and no curses that target personal resources kill people.

There are occasionally upgraded resources you can acquire, which give you more than the basic rate of stuff - either through someone swapping their resource with you (might be done within your group), someone writing a will and then dying and you paying the civil service fee to take over their old resource, allocated new territory resources if the Empire wins them form the barbarians (various methods of allocation, depending on which nation’s territory etc, will be mentioned in the Winds of War or Fortune depending.) Upgrading is possible on any resource - whether it is economically a good idea, or whether you can get the materials necessary to do so is a discussion for the field.

You can still only look after one personal resource, and to get a particular one assigned to you will usually need the 2 crown civil service fee paid.

You can also be an imperial title holder, for instance a Bourse seat, or sinecure which may give you extra stuff of some sort. The list of those is varied and long, and each comes with it’s own rules for assignment (voting, appointment, national assembly, throne etc). They may also come with rules on what you can do with the extra stuff too. You can only have one title at any time also.

There is also land that you could certainly consider cursed, to some extent…

Can I interest you in a farm in Screed, Spiral Province? Don’t look at the huge looming geography that screams frenzy and despair at the edge of your mind, it only encourages it. Maintain a positive mental attitude as the shadows seem to lengthen in the corner of your eye, don’t think about the endless pointlessness of everything, and the howling mind-blasted cultists almost never come by this way these days…

Or possibly a nice farm in the Marches, just around Overton in the Mournwold. The hundreds of thousands of horrific war casualties in a particularly horrible and intense campaign fought under two dreadful curses have created a few (hundred, angry) ghosts and the soil is tainted with blood and you’ll never really be warm again, but that’s fine, right?

Or maybe you’d prefer to get away from it all, in the forests of Varushka! Just stick to that path. Don’t excavate anything. There’s no small child lost in the woods. Leave these offering out in the waxing of the moon, and these out in the waning. And don’t start talking to your shadow. Don’t reply if it starts first…

… you know what, I’ll just leave you this brochure and let you pick. Have you made a will?