Buying Period boots

Hey so I want to get some boots that are appropriate for a Steinr, I’ve looked online but shoes are more a thing you have to try first rather than gamble on a purchase, so i was curious if anyone at the event trader or otherwise sells decent boots.

Traders on-site don’t often have much footwear in my experience - you might get lucky but chances are you won’t.
I have ever ordered IC footwear by mail, but you’re right that it feels like a gamble (although I’ve been lucky so far)

Please note that having good grip, ankle support and water repelancy are the most important considerations for any Empire footwear before needing to worry about period appropriate, especially if you plan to fight.

Any black or brown boots will in most cases be fine, army surplus, rigger, horse yard boots or walking boots are common options, and can be dressed up with boot covers, putties or greaves if wished.

Please don’t be cold, wet and uncomfortable for the weekend.


Yeah, search for puttees or winingas. They’ll easily cover up the tops of boots and also keep mud getting in/on your lower legs. And they’re very in line with the Steinr aesthetics.

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If you’re looking for something to make your boots look a bit less modern, search on ebay for Swiss Army Gaiters and you’ll get some vintage leather gaiters that I think do a decent job of covering up para boots and also handily keep the mud off :slight_smile:.

If you are sold on period shoes, then you should look at events like TORM and other Re-enactment kit fairs.

Not period boots, but I thoroughly recommend Dublin River Boots. Comfortable, water proof and they look IC.

Got any specific brands of boots that are best for it?

If female fitting then Nevica ladies Snowboots seem to fit a wide range of sizes, including wide feet and calves as they lace up, come up far enough to avoid the Anvil mud getting everywhere, look the part and have good grip and ankle support.
Usually available from Sports Direct for a reasonable price.

I don’t have experience for male fittings.

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There was a vendor at E1 with good IC boots, “something (Chun’s?) Emporium”. Quality stuff.

I believe you mean Chows emporium; the finest wears and tears in the while Empire.


That’s the one.