++By Fountains, By Fishes - an update to a Wind of Fortune++

I’ve done an update to By Fountains, By Fishes to allow fleet owners to support the raid. (By fountains, by fishes - Empire)

When we wrote the wind of fortune, we deliberately excluded fleets because naval raiding isn’t part of the Marcher or Wintermark cultural make-up. The Marchers main focus is farming and on raising yeoman military. Wintermark are canonically not vikings, there are no longships there. The Imperial nation that does naval raiding really well is the Brass Coast. This is reflected in the resources that players usually take - per player, the Brass Coast has nearly five times as many fleets as Wintermark and more than twenty times as many fleets as the Marches. When we create plots we aim to gear them to the themes of the nation - so plots about naval raids occur on the Bay of Catazar spearheaded by the Brass Coast.

But I made a clear mistake when I wrote this wind of fortune, because we suggested that the fishing boats of Odds End and Westerhal would enable thousands of soldiers to be smuggled into Skallahn. We did that to try and reflect player actions in the Synod and to create an interesting story - as these tiny boats drop warriors off all along the coast.

The story is absolutely crucial in setting the terms for the scenario. Having written this account of how the raid would play out, it was completely preposterous that a player with a fleet resource couldn’t help with the raid. If the soldiers are going there by ship, then it defies belief that ships can’t help. Our original claim that they can roleplay that they are helping is not justifiable in a game that places such a strong emphasis on reflecting players’ actions in the outcomes as far as possible.

Hence we’ve changed our mind and altered the flow of the text slightly to incorporate fleets. We’ve added a small penalty for some fleets to reflect the fact that it’s difficult for fleets from nations that don’t have any berths on the Gullet would take time to reach the area. But beyond that fleets can now help out.

We will try not to make this mistake again! Any raiding opportunities that happen along the Empire’s western border will involve daring raids for military units to slip across the border and cause chaos for the Empire’s enemies. That reflects the proud military traditions of the Marchers and the Wintermark which is heavily focused on land. Any naval raids will occur on the Bay of Catazar. That reflects the bold naval traditions of the Freeborn and their maritime rivals.

After this raid, the Jotun will adjust their defences so no more naval raids on their coastline will be practical, which further underlines the unique nature of this opportunity!

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