Cakes for Courage - Donuts for Dawn

Hi All,

Silly question time. I’m booked in for this month’s event as a character new to the Synod. I want to make sure I can meet all my Nation (Dawn) and Virtue (Courage) assemblies quickly.

Am I right in thinking I can go to the civil service hub and find a list printed of all the members of those assemblies? Or at least all those who prebooked. I’m also assuming the hub is a large tent or building in the centre that’ll be easy to find. Given that list, I’d like to go around with a drink and snack in hand and introduce myself to those priests. I’m expecting that to be somewhere in the 15-25 individuals range.

My real question is, what’s a good thing to take?

Setting-appropriate, easily transportable and that I can buy easily. (again I’m assuming, it’s fine to do the buying in Tesco with OOC money rather than on the field IC)

There are lists of the Virtue Assemblies, with nations attached - I think that to get the Dawnish Assembly list you’ll have to go through all the Virtues and look for the word “Dawn.”

Some sort of traybake might work? I admit I’m not a cake expert. :wink:

Closer to the time a map should appear which has where the nation camps are, as well as some of the important imperial buildings. Which should give you an idea of where the Hub is on the field. (And if you are on site a while before time in, I’d suggest having a wander round the field to familarise yourself with it.)

The Hub is a large tent with lots of notice boards, and generally some cushion type seating. ( You can however definately pull some useful information from this page … ial_Titles.)

I can however warn you that some of the priests on that list have the nasty habbit of running all over the field. (The Cardinal of Vigilence is hard enough to find even if you know exactly who you are looking for.) If you bimble round Dawn just after time in you shouldn’t have to much problem finding a few troubadours, as they time in. (And once you find one that may lead to being introduced to others.)
I’m not completely sure, but I don’t think Dawn actually has another priest of courage, so just generally making yourself known round Dawn wouldn’t be a bad thing either.

The Dawnish national assembly definately meets at some point over the weekend, which is a good way to finish the list. I guess the courage assembly has one as well.

As for food you won’t please everyone, if you are passing round a drink alchol is probaly better for hygeine reasons. Try to avoid anything glaringly modern is the main thing, but store brought cakes in an IC basket or bowl should be fine.

Yes, the Hub is a large tent in the market, usually a red and white polygonal-plan tent at the north end, near the Senate and Bourse. There are various lists, and I don’t think it’s spoiling anything to imagine that the Courage Assembly will be having meetings at the Highguard Chapel as the have for at least the last 2 events. I’m sure Cardinal Asher will be pleased to greet you.

Thanks for the tips.

I’ll be very unlikely to make time-in on Friday. I’ll be heading up from work on Friday so will be ready 8-9pm. At least I don’t have complex racial prosthetics or difficult costume and armour to strap myself into!

Looking at the list, and their profiles on here, I think I’d recognise Cardinal Asher and Gatekeeper Cyrus’ players on sight. I could also go out of my way to show Courage symbols by covering myself in blue roses and carrying a massive axe?

There are enough axes and roses around that they won’t necessarily spot you from that… Hunting priests and finding out about Assembly meetings is probably the way to go IMO. :slight_smile:

All the Virtue assemblies and the Assembly of the Way normally have at least one meeting that’s advertised on the Synod board in the Hub, so that’s always a decent starting point. Sometimes there are posters about them elsewhere as well (If I can pull my finger out and print some :slight_smile:).

I will also echo what people have said and make sure you introduce yourself to as many people as possible inside Dawn and you should bump into most of your national assembly that way. They should be able to give you the lie of the land and possibly even introduce you to a few Cardinals as well. Beware there are some priests who are quite fast moving and very busy in Dawn so you may need to stalk some of them to track them down, unless there’s a national assembly meeting set up.

As for wearing Courage bling, I imagine in Dawn it would be positively encouraged :slight_smile:.