Calling all newbies

Calling all newbies
I have been wanting to larp at Empire for a while but haven’t had the nerve to go on my lonesome.
If there are any others in my situation I thought it would be a fun idea to band together and coordinate as a band of newbies and create our on hall/chapter/house etc.

(Also if anyone knows any other platforms I can get the message out on your advice would be welcome)


Hi Bitzzle, welcome to Empire (and the forums)!

Empire is doable solo, but I totally understand your nerves (hell, I was nervous even coming with a group at first!). Do you have a particular nation that you’re interested in, or were you planning to hash that out once you find some other people?

For other platforms, we have a new player FB group that you might find useful, and an unofficial Discord that has a new player channel in it if that’s more your speed Empire LRP (unofficial) (let me know if that doesn’t work and I’ll grab a fresh link). There are also FB groups for each of the nations if you find one that you definitely want to join!


Hello Bitzzle,

I am in a similar situation as you, though a few weeks ago I decided to just do it anyway and go alone. Got my gear, tent and character ready. Was busy comparing the most effective and cheapest ways of travelling and… then the event got cancelled. (Honestly, a bit of a relief given the pandemic. Though still very sad.)

So I’d like to meet you next event as I will likely be coming alone too. I am joining Varushka, what nation are you joining? Perhaps we can look into starting a group together.

@Bitzzle my first bit of advice is to pick one or two nations that you’d like to focus on, you might attact more people’s attention with that :slight_smile:

If you two start a group together is it at all possible for me to be included as a person who also is a bit worried of being alone for their first time?


I havent heard anything from Bitzzle yet, but im fine with it. Which nation are you joining?

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I started on my own, and it’s a weird thing. I’m a bit of an introvert and not super social. Add onto that Swedish manners (don’t bother strangers) getting in the way of interacting with other players. Plus I didn’t really have a deep character concept which made RP tricky. I’m still learning, and figuring out how to get better. Not sure what advice I can offer more than get stuck in.

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If you’re in Dawn we could start some group together and then possibly it would be at least a little easier since you’d kind of know us before?

I started, as I’ve been going to Empire for several years at this point. I’m in the League. I know some people in Dawn though. I’m part of the Compagnia de Rossi, and also started a 2 person group called Eberholz. Also affiliated with the Carta Bellamarina. There will be no end of groups that are desperately hungry for people.

I’d suggest using a character trait to reflect your lack of will to talk. Do something like walk up to a complete stranger and ask them if you’ve met them before in anvil (obviously you won’t have but it will help you feel you have) and then persist a bit with a continued story like “are you sure I haven’t? Just tell me a bit about yourself to jog my memory” I’ve tried that before and it helps me talk to people.