Cambion Rights (Lineaged, but cambion especially)

Hello there,

I’m not in the League, but as you produce the Pledge (along with other newspapers) and have the most dense population of Cambion, Could anyone point me towards documents or reports of Cambion’s rights (whether upheld as they should, or ill-treatment.) Statements/letters are also welcome.

Let me explain.

I’m starting a new character, Veve (to her friends) who is coming to Anvil for the first time. She’s managed to get hold of the latest copy of the Pledge from a friend, but is worried about what she will find at her ‘first’ event. She suddenly finds herself with an itch to find out as much as she can about how she will be received as a Cambion, and about the worrying reports of assassinations, inquisitions and so forth.

If you’re on facebook please pm ‘Emily Cooper’, or pm me here.

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