Camp planning - crosspost from Dawn FB group

(Post text by Freya)

CAMP PLAN STUFF! Alrighty, folks, here’s the news:

  1. We’re in the same place as last time - no room for negotiation on this - Matt was badly unwell with flu for a few weeks so has been busting his guts to get everything set for E2, and re-wrangling all the nation locations just could not possibly be on the agenda.

  2. The width of our camp vis. between Highguard and Urizen will be the same, but the ‘northern’ boundary has now been clarified as a solid 12m from the line of the hedge.

  3. The goal remains to have a road on our south between us and the Orcs! We should be in a line with the bottom of the Urizen camp; it’s about 40m at the widest point, but our border follows the curve of the hedge down towards highguard, so the ‘square’ block of our area is only ~30m x 40m - the rest of the ~80m-ish long edge narrows down pretty sharply.

  4. re: the boundary with the orcs - apparently some really awful behaviour happened last time, with some unknown person or persons using the back of the orc tents that were near us as a place to piss - like, right on peoples’ tents. We likely won’t be so close this time so might be less in a position to spot that going on, but if people could keep a weather eye out for similar gross/awful behaviour so PD can sort them out, it would be appreciated.

  5. Back onto internal stuff - as we have new groups and such this time, we are going to REALLY struggle for space. As such, this time’s spreadsheet asks for people to flag what has to be on the IC field, besides their main tent. If we run out of space, tents which are for sleeping only and don’t contain kids or people with access needs or similar may need to go on the OC camping fields - I hope to avoid this but wanted to be clear up-front. If people strongly object to this, the other solution is that we won’t have the Glory Square - as it is it might well end up Quite Small. If people would rather we handled this another way - e.g. deliberately skipped the square to make sure everyone can camp on the field - this is /entirely/ up for debate.

  6. When we get on site, the ideal situation is if people try to camp as close as physically possible, starting from the north side. As such I’ve asked when people will be on site, so we can try to, all else being equal, make sure people can pitch from north to south and work downward to preserve road space :slight_smile: … sp=sharing