Camp planning E4 2017

Ok folks, here’s the form for E4.

Serious moment: I have had FOUR groups come to me this event and say they’ve purchased new, larger face tents (ie tents which do well next to a road). With this in mind, please think carefully as to whether sleeping IC is right for you. E3 was an incredibly squash, and I’m aware of plenty of new players who wanted to come to E4. I have stated the same in this form for those who do not see this post.

I will do the best I can, but please understand that should it come to it, I will first try to attain additional space for Wintermark (this is unlikely as we are not the only ones with space concerns), after which IC sleeping tents will start to be culled.

I will be very very clear about which tents are removed, and be very very transparent about the method by which I do it if I am required to.

Finally, can I just say what a wonderful person James Gray is for laying out rope and helping sort tents the last two events. I know I can’t be there early Thursday, but I try my best and James fills in where he can! Buy him a drink from his own bar perhaps.


Link to the map, and an opportunity for you or others you know to post concerns can be found here. I use the thread as a checklist for changes that need to be made. Thank you.