Camp Plans for Event IX!

Hello all! We’ve just started talking about camp layout for the next event on the facebook group, so I figured I’d put the link to the spreadsheet on here as well for everyone who doesn’t use it!

The basic idea is that if I can get a good idea of what people want from the camp layout now, not only can we all turn up to the field with a roughly similar idea of where we’re sticking the canvas, but if we’re going to have space issues we can spot them in advance and speak to PD/neighbouring nations about moving things around so we all fit. The more information everyone is able to give me, then the more effectively I can get us what we need :slight_smile:

Link is here!

if i would need a proper tent does anyone know a good store?

Ebay does have tents that could be used IC. Bell tents in particular are quite easy to get hold of. A pavilion or similar would set you back a lot more as they are bit more specialist. Ex-army garage tents are in use across the field too.

If you are wanting something properly authentic (and are prepared to pay for it) has options.

I’m not an expert though, I’ve only owned one IC tent and ended up selling it on as I’d bought something too small!