Camp setup

Feedback and ideas for constant improvement?

Less mud. :wink:

Thanks for that :unamused: :wink:

The layout worked really nicely from the Saker perspective:

  • We had our little family encampment
  • We knew where Wintermark main area was, which looked like it worked nicely
  • Weapons check was plenty visible for everyone else (and there weren’t milling people hanging around the square)
  • We had a nice central firepit for Saturday night ritual showpiece

So at least from us, worked out well :smiley:

(including the area I apparently accidentally sorted for the dunhearth guys!)

I liked the Central Square, but think we might need more stuff in it. Was intending to have a memorial to the dead, which I have not yet sourced the ties for but will attempt to have ready for E5

I’m helpful like that

Wider roads might help cut down on the mud. Though being where we were, the amount we got was basically inevitable as about half the field needed to cross our camp or by our camp to get to their own…

The roads were the first thing to get squeezed when we started running out of space. A larger camp site would have remedied that.

We need to concentrate on what we can effect. Weather and size of space allocated to us is a little out of scope unfortunately

From my perspective, the general set up was quite good and there was a feel of a central area. However my group (Sussivari) was right on the edge and we were quite squashed in in terms of tent space.

Its always going to be hard to please everyone especially as we just don’t have infinite space, but it would be nice next time if we could be more central and/or less squashed.


I’m helpful like that[/quote]

Yup, and I asked for it too :stuck_out_tongue:

We (sussivari) were totally cut off from the main mark centre at E4. We literally had no way to get to the mark without climbing over ropes or heading out to the road and walking down and back in. From the front of our IC tent, we could see the League, not the Mark. This made me personally feel very isolated from the nation (I would not be surprised to hear that people felt they could not find me even worse than usual either :stuck_out_tongue: ). I had a large number of guests in our hall over the weekend and held a party on friday night with most of the senate in attendance and had really hoped to share that with those of the Wintermark who were interested in seeing more of that side of the game, but our position totally precluded this. I also felt that several other groups were very far away from the “centre” and did not feel part of that area. In reality, I did not feel like there was a national centre very much at all this event, because of the layout of the camp and I really missed the sense of nation that I thought we had developed at E2 & 3, though even those I felt could have been improved (obviously your efforts reflected that others felt that as well Sable)

In future I would really like to have a central space, where all the IC social tents (be they large, or just a bell or other small tent) can have a facing on to, to try and involve all parties more. An awful lot of our camp space was taken up with “IC” tents which were really only there for people to sleep in and perhaps were not really very IC inside, possibly never had anyone enter in a true IC sense. I would personally like some way in which was can push those tents back, behind the “real IC” tents so that everyone can be in a shared space, socialising and organising activies between groups would be easier. Being uterly blunt, if we can’t get more space, I would suggest that people whose tents are not IC and are just for sleeping in pitch them in the ooc area, which is only a few minutes walk away, if it means that we can a better “IC” area (and I know that some people already did this at last event to make space for some IC tents, so thanks to them already!). Sorry to say it but the way the LT or CP lays out camps, basically, except without the huge space in the middle for mass combat, is what I would like to see.

More generally and more aimed at PD (and I will email this feedback), I found it frustrating that as one of the largest nations in the field we were squeezed into fairly small, odd shaped space for the last 3 events, where we could not get all the large social ic tents together in the same space leaving some people very isolated ic and probably not being hugely safe either. Visiting other camps I found spaces that could be compared to football fields in the middle of their camp and I certainly had some feedback from some other nations saying the huge expanse of space they were in actually detracted from their national feel as everyone was so far from each other, but thats for them to feeback.

I hope that next year we can come up with some way of improving camp space and layout in order that every nation is given the opportunity to develop that sense of community that I imagine most of us want. Perhaps more direct input from PD on camp layout and setup could be helpful?

Brain dump over :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s going to be a process of constant improvements, as I said on FB we can’t promise to get it right, only to try our best.

In order to get enough space for all the tents, we need a better idea of how many there will be. I only got around 4 or 5 replies to my thread on FB (well, 4 or 5 about tents and a load that ignored the requests to not discuss the layout in that thread and to use the other one I made), and whilst we knew it would be much, much more, we had to guess at the amount. So apologies for your group being stuck out there.

I suspect there was also an issue of some people not knowing (or possibly ignoring but I’ll assume the best) to find Scott before pitching, so those plans were thrown out a little.

Lastly, I got on site way later than planned so wasn’t there to help as much as I intended.

Lots of excuses I know, but also a first attempt.

Its a long way off and I don’t suggest compiling such a list now, but the League always has a very well organised camp due no doubt in part to their mapping out of where tents are going before hand (thus avoiding some of the issues of people turning up and randomly pitching) and recording of related information. … =1&theater … 0MkE#gid=0

If anyone can conceive of any way to get in touch with everyone and so allow for such a list, we’d be very, very interested.

I would suggest that whilst not everyone wishes to use Facebook the majority of people are online in some fashion and are therefore able to theoretically use these forums -or at least their group leader/A.n.other representative of a group wwho knows what tents are in the group is.

PD are also pretty helpful, and I imagine would be ok with facilitating some kind of online mail out or message to all PCs identified as Thane and one player groups booked as Wintermark for event 1 next year -should be a simple database query.

You are never ever going to be able to guarantee getting everyone, but you can make it so that in the 6 months until event 1 it is highly likely that the vast majority of Wintermark are on board and know where their tents are going.

The best way to get in touch with everyone who uses the IC camp is to go around the IC camp at an event and make a list there. Everyone who camps IC will be there so you can be sure to get them. People will always be missed on the forums or on Facebook simply because not everyone uses them.

Given that the people who want to organize the camp setup have volunteered themselves and assumed the position I would say that the responsibility of contacting every group lies firmly with them. Leaving a message on a forum or on Facebook will get some people to reply but the only way to make sure you get everyone is spending some time on the IC field at an event and go around and ask everyone. I don’t mean shout up at a muster and make people queue up to see you, I mean actually put the legwork in and physically go around every group to make your list.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all in favour of having a cool looking nation camp which is why in the past I’ve tried to communicate with the folks organizing the camp. I do strongly feel though that if folks are so keen that they have assumed a self appointed organizational role then they are the ones who should make the effort to include everyone.

afraid I couldn’t disagree with you more, but each to their own I guess

surely consequences are more interesting than responsibilities.

those people that want a good camp have a reason to ensure there is a good dialogue between all those putting up tents.

no one here has, or is ever likely to have ‘responsibility’, and we are ‘all’ responsible for what happens.

let’s all try and be part of good outcome, and not complain If there are those that want to do there own thing.