Camping and arriving late

Just pre-planning for September events and a lot of other events going forward. I was just wandering how late can one arrive and setup camp for both the IC and OC areas on the friday night. Due to being back at Uni we will all be driving down late on the friday. So was just wandering how late one could possibly arrive and setup. If we can’t setup in the IC area would it be possible to move to the IC area in downtime on the saturday morning?.

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Best time to set up IC tents is before time in, if you’re arriving late on Friday the best thing is to do is set up your OOC tents (which you can do at your leisure and by car light if needed). You don’t want to be carrying your IC gear across a field, as cars aren’t allowed in after time in.

Then if you want you can get set up on Saturday morning before time in at 10am. But I’d have a think about if you really need your IC tent as you can get along just fine without one, you can make use of the public areas and cafes + bars that players and PD run, or even make a deal with another group who’ll have their tent up on Friday.


You could hand port all your stuff in and pitch in character if you wanted.

After time in you can’t get a car onto the IC field to unload which is probably the biggest difficulty, you would have to lift and shift everything by muscle power only, preferably disguised if modern so as not to break immersion (throw a sheet or blanket over it).

It is easier, certainly considering September evenings get dark earlier to plan to pitch OOC, where you can have your torches or car headlights to help and just take a bag, box or crate IC with any necessary stuff and find a corner of someone else’s tent to stash it in.


Thank you both so much. Much appreciated.

Putting up tents on the IC field after time in is fine as long as you don’t bring a car onto the field, although as mentioned above there can be lighting issues. Get a folding cart, if it’s not super muddy they’re very useful. Remember to tighten the nuts and bolts with a spanner (not just hands) or they will fall off!

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Thank you. Brilliant idea. Saw a wagon that could carry it all fine and we have a decent amount of furs

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