Camping and IC tent

Hi, was thinking of purchasing this tent for IC camping, please advise if it would be suitable:

That’s a nice one. Dutch pyramid tent?

The blue curtains aren’t ideal, but it’s all canvas, and you’ll likely have them folded back a lot.

The slightly plastic groundsheet at the front jars a bit. If you can get hold of a throw, blanket, or even a wicker mat or two to cover it, I think that’ll do nicely.


Hi, yeah its a Dutch Pyramid, £380. Was going to have the canvas folds thrown back a lot. The black plastic wasnt inclued, that was an addition from seller but planning on having the internal groundsheets covered with fur throws.

I would have thought you can get a new decent bell tent for 380£? Are you set on this design/size?

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Hi, the reason I was looking at this was for the fact it will sleep 6 ppl easily ( the grp size who is coming) with a social area for ic alchemy, socialising etc. Does this not fit the brief then? Most 5m Bell tents (which is the size we would need) + canopy for social area would come to around £700

Looks pretty good form the pictures. As above covering the front plastic groundsheet with something would improve it. Was also thinking that it would be relatively easy to add an awning on the front for even more social space too.

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Personally id just leave off the external groundsheet, youd only need it at the reeeally swampy events and even then its gonna be prone to becoming a swimming pool. Means you have more ground cover for inside the tent where it really matters.

Maybe look at some banners or such for covering the areas either side of the door? Those seem like the obvious modern design bits, otherwise its no more immersion breaking than the 19th cent bell tents :slight_smile:


That looks alright, but the only way to get a definitive answer is to email PD and double check with them. :slight_smile:


I know quite a few who camp IC with these Dutch tents, you shouldn’t have a problem