Camping and makeup question

Hey all!

Just had two questions that kind of link together; in terms of makeup, I’d like to do some scarring. Does scar wax last for the weekend? Has anyone found the best way to do scarring that can last? I can see makeup lasting with some wear to it but wax can be SO fickle.

To link on, if anything needs touch ups, how IC are the IC tents? Does everything inside have to be ic (what happens in terms of mobiles?) or can you have things for touch ups (like the wax) at night? Or if you have to have that sort of help, is it just better to have an OC tent?

Thanks anyone :hearts:!

Can’t answer the first question, but as far as IC tents go - anything visible to people IC, should look IC. This means you can keep OC stuff inside IC boxes or just out of sight, for example. I have a 4m bell, and string up a white sheet across part of it so anyone looking in through the open flap won’t see my camp beds and sleeping bags.

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Ahh cool! That’s helpful and an idea I’ll keep in mind :smiley: Thank you!

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My character has a scar that I apply using Mehron rigid collodion. To do the scar I draw on a base colour using an makeup pencil (using a light brown to represent an old, healed scar) and then apply 2-3 layers of collodion (waiting for each layer to dry before doing the next). I reapply this each day, wiping the old on off with makeup wipes each evening.

You can find some good scar tutorials using collodion on youtube.

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My IC tent has 2 camp beds in it, both covered by sheets, which make loads of hiding space for all big OC stuff, kit bags, food bags, cooking stuff etc. Then I have lots of drawstring bags, made from scrap fabric that I can keep anything small that might need to come out, so my hair elastics and grips live in one, so I can leave that beside me while I fix my hair, and if I don’t get time to put it away immediately it won’t be as jarring as a plastic bag.

When I’m physicking many of us have a plastic bottle of fake blood for added drama, and you usually just keep that tucked away in a bag or concealed in your hand while using it. People will forgive you if they catch a glimpse but you are making an effort!


Yeah, we have a couple of wicker boxes visible in our tent that are useful for hiding things like food bags and OC clothes.

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Thanks everyone!! I feel a bit more confident going into IC tenting now haha :smile:

@thresher awesome! A healed scar is what I was wanting to do, so I’ll definitely look into collodion - thank you!


Additional to the IC of tents… there’s a certain amount that you can get away with, using a throw or blanket.

E1 this year I had an inflatable airbed, with a sleeping bag on it. A couple of sheepskin bits (as pillows) and a blanket over the top, it looked like an IC bedroll.

That pile of weapons just inside the door? They’re fine. The large hessian sack containing your monster kit? Keep it closed, also fine. The plastic carrier bags containing your shopping and beer cans? Better throw a blanket or cloak over those.

It also depends, to an extent, on whether or not other people are going to be coming in much. If all others see of your IC tent is going to be the outside, then it doesn’t matter what the inside looks like except to you.

In hot weather like we’ve recently had, no-one’s going to call you out for a plastic bottle of water sticking out of your pocket (but they may reccomend that shop selling leather waterskins). When the mud is up to your ankles, it’s perfectly allowable to be wearing your wellingtons (although someone will probably reccomend plain black ones).

Your attitude (enthusiasm and making an effort) is more important than your costume (which is aspirational, do what you can with what you have), which is more important than your tent. And remember to keep the keen balanced. Don’t work yourself ragged making The Perfect Tent in which to lounge while in The Perfect Costume if that leaves you utterly knackered and not wanting to speak to anyone…


Thank you for the additional information! When looking at this stuff I’ll keep in mind I don’t need to go hog wild about it :smiley: Can’t wait to get started though

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Also, I must warn you young one. Beware that your eagerness does not lead you into dark places.

It is far too easy to go to far with set dressing and costumes. Many a LARPer has gone shopping for a new belt and returned with costumes for 5 different characters and no money for food.

The sewing machine also sings its siren song. Be strong. Do not succumb. That is a path of a thousand stitches, each leading you to the point wear you craft costume for yourself and others late into the night, wailing over a single misaligned stitch out of thousands, and throwing aside kit for a flaw that one in a million LARPers would even notice.

Do not start picking up things “because they’ll come in useful.” Guard against “I’m sure I’ll wear this someday”. And shun “I’m certain that this will look really really cool in my tent.”

Who knows where this will end? Some are able to stop when they can no longer physically lift all their LARP kit. Others have acquirred new wardrobes and chests, new cars to transport their burgeoning “essentials”, and a few lost souls have even bought houses on the basis of, sigh “It’s got storage for all of my LARP kit”…

Once you start down the path of acquiring LARPkit… forever will it dominate your storage areas…

(Seriously, it’s easy to end up with lots of shinies. Balance budget, storage, transportation and actual utility).


This man speaks the truth, I went into the fabric shop for some simple fabric left with 3 new patterns some awesome material that I brought just because …it might come in useful! some brass rings same reason … ended up spending £50 on what should of been £12 for material for a cape for my character I’m working on!

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@Geoffrey_Willoughby @Phoenix

:scream: I will keep these worlds close to my heart! the Path of Budgeting is tough, but one I will prevail in!!

Cheers! I think this issue is already popping up while I look at jewellery materials :sweat_smile:

I need to get more practice with a sowing machine. I awful at it, but my soft kit is hard to come by for sale. (Slashed hose and such).

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Sewing machine skills are definitely a hardskill that will pay dividends over the years. :slight_smile:

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I love to sew, I brought a new machine last year, the best advice I can give you is sew at the correct height, which is 29" dinning room tables put you in a bad posture and hamper control over the machine.

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I have a feeling the main hint I’m getting here is, sewing is a very helpful talent that I must learn asap xD Which I will! Seems handy

In terms of learning, my advice is Youtube and literally buy a cheap machine, hobby craft do a decent beginner one for around £70 don’t pay less than that for a new one as it will start failing apart. Kwik Sew and Burda both do beginner patterns as well and coupled with some scrap material to practice on you can easily get fully kitted and up and running for £100! You will soon make your money back, I was taught at school which was an all boys but they made us all learn and my mother makes wedding dresses so always been surrounded by sewing and brought up with it. I’ve gone into tailoring myself and now make all my own suits, they are a real challenge even my mother can’t make them, its all to do with linings.

Oh that’s cool! I’ll definitely look into a machine if I get into it enough! I think I’ll need to just plan and see what I’m into learning properly and what I feel I can get away with for now. But that’d be very cool to get a machine.

Thank you!

Sewing Machines | Hobbycraft value for money this is pretty decent you might find a bit cheaper if you shop around! It has a top loading bobbin its something usually found on a machines at the £250+ mark. usually they are front loading which is a pain. My first machine was a brother its a good brand with a great reputation. I mean if you wanted to spend more I’d be more than happy to help recommend other machines but as I say at that price its a pretty decent buy.

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I’ve bookmarked that so I can go back to it! Think I’ll be visiting hobby craft a lot :sweat_smile: