Can I use my wand?

My character will be a completely non-combatant magician, but I have a cool wand I really want him to use. It is a 29cm (12 inch) length of half a centimetre wood. I wouldn’t do battles with it, and I’m assuming I shouldn’t need to learn offensive spells for the main field. Well?

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You can use a prop made of wood as long as it it never used for combat. So if you are attacked in Anvil (highly unlikely) you could not use it to defend yourself.

But for a prop for other things, rituals and stuff, sure. :slight_smile:


I seem to remember it was allowable to use a wooden wand on the Anvil main field in non-combat situations, but the current rules forbid this, saying “All implements must be weapon-safe phys-reps.”

(Bear in mind that the non-combat use for a wand is the swift-casting of spells that would not otherwise count as offensive, e.g. Heal or Purify.)