Can weapons be made in game time?

could i theoretically make a weapon in game time or commission one from an artisan?

The ritual … mer_Rhythm lets an artisan make an item in uptime; otherwise you’d need to source one someone has already made, as making them the normal way takes at least a month.

Non-magical weapons are below the abstraction layer, you can pick a new one up from somewhere off stage any time you can get to the OOC area, as long as you have a physrep.

Thanks. I just wanted to know if I could get hold of a magical weapon at an event. If we get more points each event or each time we book I’ll get myself the artisan skill when I can.

You can probably get hold of a magical weapon at the event, because some artisans keep stock, some people upgrade (or die!) and pass on their old stuff, some new artisans show up with stock, some stuff gets looted off quests or traded from NPCs, etc etc…

XP-wise, you get 1 for going to 1-2 events each year, and 1 more when you go to your 3rd, so a full year in which you attend at least 3 of the 4 events would net you 2xp to spend - buying artisan would take 2 years of accrued XP. I’m just starting to get into the artisan game with my new character, now I’ve retired my Stormcrow, although I’ll be specialising in armour rather than weaponry so not much use to you myself :wink:

There’s various people in game who keep track of what artisans are in the field and what they can each make - top of my head, there’s the Artisan’s Arms in Wintermark, the Eternal Family in Navarr, possibly Phoenix Reach in Urizen? - and also a fledgling (? I think) guild of artisans headed by Sunhammer Kirik who are scheduled to meet up at some point next event (currently provisionally 2pm Saturday in the Brazen Paradour in Brass Coast) so finding one of us who can make things of interest shouldn’t be too hard, although without using that ritual items can’t be made ‘in the field’. Possibly the best thing to do (although it means waiting to get your shiny ribbon) would be to find what item you want on the wiki or, even better, chat to a weaponsmith IC and determine which of their wares takes your fancy and commission them to make it over the following DT so it’ll be ready for you to collect E3.

Like Chessypig said, there will also be some artisans already with stock, and some new artisans with items (you get 3 when you create an artisan, with varying amounts of “life” left in them; by default a newly-created item lasts 4 events) so you might get lucky and pick something up!

(Mechanics-wise you could also, I guess, find an artisan and commission a piece now for completion this DT ready for E2, using the PD downtime system to transfer money / materials, although that’s not really in the spirit of keeping the game Live and most artisans I’ve seen on Facebook will say they don’t discuss costs or inventory, or accept commissions, OOC, so I wouldn’t recommend it. The previous option is definitely a better route to Good Game).

Hope this helps? Feel free to come find me in Varushka (I’d say I’ll be easy to spot, but “look for the Draughir in red and white” is about the least useful description ever given my Nation; “look for the shrine of Vigilance and ask the Priest where his wife is” might be more helpful) if you’re feeling lost and I can try and help track down someone with the right skills for the job :wink:

I used to have artisan. Do I get the tag of the items I selected? Would I technically own. Say, a apprentice blade, vorpal blade and sundering axe if they were what I chose?

You get to choose 4 items when you pick artisan - 1 using no special materials (a), 1 using up to 10 (b), 1 using up to 20 (c), and 1 with no limitations (d). At the first event after you get the skill, you get item a with 3 events left on the ribbon, b with 2 events, and c with 1.

Thanks for the info


You get to choose 4 items when you pick artisan - 1 using no special materials (a), 1 using up to 10 (b), 1 using up to 20 (c), and 1 with no limitations (d). At the first event after you get the skill, you get item a with 3 events left on the ribbon, b with 2 events, and c with 1.[/quote]

out of curiosity do i have to make D from the raw materials as opposed to getting at an event?

Yeah, you’d need to get the raw materials for D (and for any additional items you know how to make from buying the “additional item” skill) and spend the time in DT making it Each downtime is counted as being 3 months, regardless of the time IRL, as the 4 events are supposed to be equally spaced throughout the in-game year; most items using magical materials take 1 month, the ‘free’ ones take 2, so each DT you can - provided you have the funds / materials - make 1 ‘free’ item and 1 using magical materials, or 3 using magical materials. You can also make up to 9 doses of artisan’s oil instead; 3 doses take 1 month to make and cost 1 crown’s worth of materials (so use 1 crown of money, rather than units of magical materials).

At the end of the event (or when you time out, if you leave earlier than that because, idk, a storm big enough to merit its own name has killed your tent :wink: ) you hand in your materials / money etc with the slip you get given in your character pack; these items form an Inventory you can use for crafting or transfer to other characters during DT.

What I’ve done is leave Item D blank; this gives me a free slot so if someone asks me “Can you make Thing X?” I can go “Sure I can!” and pick it up without having to spend XP :wink:

Nice. At this point as I can’t afford leather armor I’m going for endurance instead so I stay alive :smiley:

Fair :slight_smile:

Getting slightly off topic, but way-back-when I started LARPing my first set of “armour” was a thick fake-leather waistcoat I picked up from a charity shop and did some adaptation to (there tend to be a whole bunch of these that turn up after the winter, or are in the sales around spring, as ‘faux-hide gillet with or without faux-sheepskin or faux-fur lining’ seems to be a trend every damn year), thick leather trousers (eBay, or again places like Primark tend to go through a pleather phase every autumn and you occassionally luck out in the charity shops) and some slightly fancier bracers (a lot of costume and armour crafters sell ‘basic’ versions of these, usually around the £30 mark for each pair, so they’re a good way to get a piece of ‘fancy’ kit for not-much-money). Obviously choice of nation and archetype influences how appropriate such a set would be, but under Empire’s rules that ensemble would have been enough to net me 3 extra hits and protection from cleave :wink:

I am considering trying to buy or make some fake leather armor, I just don’t want to die straight off the bat but I can’t wear metal because of my disability, it’s taxing as heck. I’d have the money if I could sell my plate but no one wants it lol.

Did you have a gambeson for under your plate (if not, they’re not too hard to make - basic jacket pattern + wadding and fancy-sewing will do the job)? … ory_Aketon if you’re rich in IC money) might be of interest if so.

I struggle with metal myself - dyspraxia makes falling over in it a nightmare, and I suffered for ages with severe anaemia which made wearing anything heavier than thick cloth feel like Too Much Effort. Poly-plate is the absolute best thing ever, I’ve found; I love my Wyrmick stuff to death because it looks badass but weighs pretty much nothing.

Also, have you tried posting the plate in … ts&fref=ts ?

Also-also (heh) pro-tips from the battlefield (because if you’re going to die, it’s probably not going to be in Anvil): having all the armour in the world isn’t worth much if you don’t have people looking out for you. Conversely, I’ve survived fights I really shouldn’t have simply because people noticed when I was missing and took pains to find me and get me back on my feet. Making friends with a healer (or, better yet, a group with one or more healers, because the more people who are looking out for you the better) is The Best Move You Can Possibly Make.

I am awaiting join permission from both. I did have a gambeson but its due to my cerebral palsy that I couldn’t wear it. It was too tiring

(I’ve added a couple more thoughts on survivability above; it’s probably worth reading them if you’ve not seen the edit).

What plate are you selling, and how much are you looking to get for it? I’m not making any promises, but if I can find a friend who’s looking for that sort of kit and put them in touch with someone who’d benefit from the sale that would be awesome.

I’ve read it. Cheers. I have a breastplate. Adam series by mytholon, stahlgilde Avalon gorget, pauldrons and bracers, I was hoping for £50-£65. I need the cash but if there was a beginner who needed kit I could go lower to help someone out. Thanks for the assistance regardless of what happens :slight_smile:

I’ve asked the question, and at £65 if none of my other larp buddies want it I’d be tempted to pick it up myself for general monster kit (my partner-in-crime and I run some small-scale games, so we’re building up a pretty extensive armoury); if you can bring it to E2 I’ll happily take it off your hands either way :slight_smile:

I can indeed. If you know anyone who might want a leather pauldron and bracer I have a set, one arm only in a steampunk style, I don’t need them gone but if you’re building monster kit they might be useful, I originally wanted £25 but you’ve been really helpful if you were interested I’d gladly do them for £10/£15 whichever you thought was reasonable after I’d sent you pictures. Sorry to sound like a salesman lmao.

Hah, no worries dude :slight_smile:

Probably best taking this to PM at this point as we’re wildly off-topic, but ping me some pictures and I’ll speak to The Keeper Of The LARP Budget :smiley: