Can you become an NPC?

Really loving the PC game but was wondering what oppurtunites there were in terms of bwing an NPC? Would tthis be something I should contact PD about or is there not really any need for NPC’s at all?

PD have two full-time NPC crews - one ‘skirmish’ crew for providing monsters on quests etc, and one ‘NPC’ crew for providing NPCs that go out onto the main field / provide staff for tent quests. Plus many persistent NPCs like the Civil Service and Egregores.

If you’re interested in volunteering for one of these, your first port of call is to email with your expression of interest. Generally PD prefer to have experienced crew who want to do the job full time rather than people who dip in and out, although you can often volunteer to help the skirmish crew if you ask a crew member for appropriate times to show up and offer.


I am not really an experienced player but I am fairly competant with the lore and the goings on of the Empire. I am a younger player, 16, but I can to come to all of the eventa consistently and would like to play a more permenant NPC

I suspect it will be difficult to get a crew space, especially on the CS or similar permanent-NPC teams, while under 18. But I could be wrong - it’s worth emailing in and seeing what roles are available :-). The plot NPC team tends not to do persistent NPCs - even NPCs that are persistent in the setting like Eternals tend to be played by multiple people over time, and not show up every event so the crew member will do other roles in between.


There are a number of us who have jumped the fence to crew instead of play. There are a few permanent field NPCs - like the Egregores and Magistrates - but spaces on those teams are a lot rarer and a lot more challenging roles to fill.

Definitely email in as Chessy suggests - mention what sort of thing you’re interested in, and they’ll see what they can do.

You’re most likely to find space in the regular NPC team, if capacity allows - we run out quite a bit of plot each event, so you could find yourself playing 1-4 different roles each day!

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