Can you die ic outside of battle?

Is it possible to take hit points and die outside of battle? Can you start fights or get blown up with a dodgy spell in anvil?

yes but it doesn’t happen often.

Anvil is safe - think G20 summit type safe. There is rule of law, an enthusiastic militia, and efficient magistrates so random stabbings are unusual and intentionally difficult to get away with, and bar brawls will be broken up and the instigators fined.

Most magic is codified already, so generally we know what it’s going to do as long as you follow the rules, there may be side effects (role playing effects as detailed by a ref) and occasionally explosions which give you traumatic injuries but then you become an interesting case study for the Hospital and are generally patched up enthusiastically.

There are very rarely any monsters, or even barbarians in Anvil. It is entirely possible to walk around unarmoured and weaponless and be fine.

Please note if the Marchers play Foot the Ball all bets are off, and any injuries you get whilst in the vicinity are lack of Wisdom on your part. (Best watched from half a field away)
Navarri knife fights are safer that that game.


I mean, there’s also sanctioned player events (think extra bits of stories and plots) where stuff can get very heated with knives at times

However, like @CharlieP says above, unless you’re in skirmish/battle/game of foot-the-ball, everything is relatively safe.

(And if not, there’s usually at least on character with physik or similar skills to keep folks alive/ambulatory)

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^ what Charlie said. It’s a reasonably law-abiding populace with severe sanctions for those who aren’t, so it’s a nominally safe place with occasional moments of not. One thing to remember is that even when you are on zero hits you are still entirely okay to scream, draw attention, and get some help in the two minutes it would take your character to bleed out, so even if you get very unlucky you have a reasonable chance of surviving.

If you want to do that it’s best not to try to shiv strangers in the dark: it’s not really encouraged in the system and therefore a) you’ll probably be caught quickly as magistrates and some other characters can speak with the dead and b) it’s generally not really in the spirit of the game. Empire has a really cool portal to go and fight all the orcs and monsters, and there are duels and fighting competitions where you can go have fighting fun without resorting to violence in the dark. :slight_smile:


NB If you do want to do an injury to another character there are entirely legal means of making their life very complicated and difficult.

Find some one to raise a judgement against their pet project or deeply held beliefs. Support someone else who is already doing such things. Write a pamphlet or start a rumour that they have been unVirtuous in some way. Use mana or pay someone else to use mana to curse them, their family, their coven, their bonded items…

Far better they have to live with the consequences than get to re-roll and be back on the field in half an hour free and clear!

Also note if any of this happens to you in character, especially if obviously targeted and therefore costing your opponent money and resources, congratulations you are winning / have made game!!


If you want to start fights etc then you can, but generally people will be picking you up fairly quickly.

In the event of a large fight (such as in the Dawnish Glory Square), you may well end up on the floor and bleeding to death, but that sort of event usually has physicks on standby waiting to jump in.

I understand there have also been executions at Anvil, courtesy of the legal system. These have been few.

So yes, it IS possible to die on the main field. Just really unlikely.

To be clear there are no monster attacks in Anvil, the one that occured in year 1 was down to some miscommunication. It’s was one of the design goals that Anvil should be “safe” so people aren’t kept in their camps, guarding gates and not getting out there and roleplaying with the rest of the players. That’s the reason for the Miltia as well, so there’s consequences to murder and other crime. I mean yes you can start fights and even try and kill people, but the likelyhood of you getting away with it is small.

Also as people have said you can get injured occasionally by “strange consequences” of rituals but that’s rare and normally will have people swarming you to get at the strange medical issues you’ve developed :slight_smile: . But it’s very not common and usually connected with Conjuctions (influence of the stars) which are mentioned in the Winds of Fortune, so it wouldn’t be by suprise.

Rules wise, the rules are the same: if someone attacks you with a weapon, you take damage. If they target you with a special call, you take the effect of that call (and damage, if appropriate). If you reach zero hits, you are incapacitated and start your bleed count. If you run out of bleed time or are executed, you die.

All of the rest of the points in this thread about the game design/experience of Anvil are totally on the money - it is (by design) very safe, characters who only stay in Anvil are very unlikely to die.