Can you use a cloak for defense?

Could I use a cloak/shoulder cape as a defense/distraction, and does a hit count if it hits the cloak not the arm under it.

Obviously I’m not a ref, and you will only get proper rules calls from, but that said I think most systems frown on this sort of thing pretty heavily - if someone accidentally hits your clothes but not you, then you’re fine, but if you’re purposefully using a cloak as a shield then I suspect you are breaking the rules.

Alright well that sounds sensible. Thanks

You can only block attacks with a buckler, a shield (with the Shield Use skill) or an offhand weapon or implement (with the Ambidexterity skill). A cloak is none of these, so don’t try and parry with it.

Thanks. On the ambi point, is there a length weapons have to be to require ambi to use or does any second weapon need ambidexterity

Unless you have either ambi or shield use the only thing you can utilise in your off hand is a buckler. Any weapon, whether Dagger, Wand, rod or single handed sword, requires ambidexterity to be utilised in the off hand. … idexterity

Yeah, as above: unless it’s a buckler, you need the skill to wield more than one thing. There is also a max length limit (you can’t wield two two-handed weapons, for example).