++Cancellation of E2++

Hi Folks,

With a heavy heart I’m afraid I have to announce the decision to cancel the second event of 2020. I doubt many people will be surprised by this announcement. Sadly, following the government announcements over the last few days it was clear that we would not be permitted to run the June event.

We will follow the same process that we applied to the previous event. This means that if you have an existing booking for the second event, then this has been rolled over to the next available event. For example, if you were booked for the next two events, your account will now show that you are booked for events three and four. Tent bookings have been cancelled and the cost credited to your Empire account. We’ve taken this approach to minimize the administration burden; if you’re happy to have your ticket rolled over then there is nothing further that you need to do.

After we were forced to cancel our first event, the overwhelming majority of players opted to let their bookings roll over. At present most of the people who work for PD are benefitting from the government scheme for furloughed workers, but we don’t know how long that scheme will continue for and it doesn’t cover all the costs. The continued support of our players has been crucial in helping us to minimize the impact for our team and we’re tremendously grateful for your support. The live roleplaying community has been amazing.

However we understand that these are difficult times for everyone and we don’t want anyone to feel bad about asking for a refund if they need one. So if you want to have a payment for any event this year refunded, or if you need to change the new booking for any reason, then you can do so by emailing us. To make sure that we do that refund your payment in a timely fashion, we have created a dedicated email address accounts@profounddecisions.co.uk specifically to allow us to get you sorted promptly. Please make sure you include your full name, your PID if you know it, and your sort code and bank account number, so that we can deal with your refund efficiently for you.

A few players have asked if there is more that they can do to support Profound Decisions over the longer term to ensure that it can continue to operate. I want to reassure people that we have a plan to guarantee that we get through this come what may. However if you do want to make a donation, then you can email us at accounts@profounddecisions.co.uk and we’ll make the requested adjustment to your account. Any support is very gratefully accepted, as it will help Empire come back bigger and better than ever.

We’ve also been asked what our plans are for the rest of the year. At present we are still optimistically hoping that we will get to run events 3 and 4 as normal. Obviously the situation isn’t normal and it’s not clear when normality will return if ever. Crucially though we can never “un-cancel” an event - once we announce that an event has been cancelled then that decision is fixed no matter what else changes. For this reason we are taking each event on a case-by-case basis and reviewing the situation around four weeks before each one. Hopefully the situation will have markedly improved by the time we get to July.

As per the previous update, we will continue to “freeze” in-character time. That means that the first event that we run in 2020 will still be the forthcoming Winter Solstice. All the Winds of War have been released now - and we’re going to start creating and releasing the Winds of Fortune over the coming weeks. No-one will be credited with any experience points for the event that never happened, there won’t be any additional downtimes, sinecures or similar. Everything that would have been delivered for the Easter and June event is now scheduled for July event instead.

In the meantime we’re going to continue devoting time to other improvements for the wiki and website. Having completed a major overhaul of the pages on hearth magic, we’ve still got a long list of improvements that we’d like to make starting with some minor improvements to the Imperial Bourse pages that we’re working on now.

We also want to encourage all Empire participants to stay enthusiastic. It really cheered us up to see the fantastic videos people created and shared over the Event one weekend and we want to encourage people to do that again in possible.

Matthew Pennington,
Profound Decisions.


  1. Due to coronavirus, we are very sorry but we have to also cancel event two. There simply is no other option.
  2. If you booked the event, your ticket has been rolled over to the next available event.
  3. Anyone can request a refund at any time - email accounts@profounddecisions.co.uk with your name, PID and bank details and we’ll sort that for you.
  4. Event 3 will be now the first event of the Empire year, so everything in the IC world will start from there.